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3/29/2012 13:03 Philippe Le Bourveau Las Vegas, Nevada
2/1/2012 17:28 Jesse Stevens San Antonio, Texas Joe Killabrew called me, to my surprise, i had not heard from anyone nor did i know that that their was a blog from Dreux. It was a long time ago, but like everyone in that age group , it was a wonderful time. I would love to hear from hear from all the people that loved that time also.
12/12/2011 11:14 Michael W. Pratt Las Vegas, NV Hi Vicky - My wife and I are divorcing after 45 years of being married and I have moved to Las Vegas. My new address is: 2665 South Bruce St #166            Las Vegas, NV 89169
10/15/2011 21:36 Ulrich Stanley Moncks Corner, SC 29461 Great to start hearing form classmates.
10/7/2011 16:58 Kay Summerville Gathering information about the group before I see Marilyn Hutto Turner at Brats!  Would like to invite you to have a future reunion in Plano in the DFW area!
9/30/2011 13:09 Diane McCarthy Stern Tulsa Okla
9/16/2011 16:40 Laura Leigh Roberson Viterna Austin, Texas
9/9/2011 10:26 Henry Gordon Miles Harker Heights, Texas Freshman 1961-62. lived in Lafayette housing area, Evreux.
9/7/2011 17:41 Bernard Walter Chris Walther (pre Buddhist monk name) Harveys Lake, PA It's so wonderful that you, Vicky, are doing so much for so many to keep a vital link alive between former classmates.
8/31/2011 0:05 Charles Brantley   Greenville, SC Check out the Dreux face book page.  We are all having so much fun with our memories.
8/22/2011 13:19 jennifer hale pogue niceville, fl. I am not a Dreux alum..  However, someone who was an alumnus & is now deceased is very precious to me.  We had been very close in '76 & began communicating in '08. Any & all photos, etc. would be enormously appreciated by me.  We communicated the last two years of his life & he died last Nov. of ESRD.  He was a honorable, wonderful man.  Thank you.
7/30/2011 22:10 Jim Schou Londonderry, NH Would have been class of 63, but only went to Dreux the first eight months of my junior year. would love to hear from any of the football players and those from Norway
7/25/2011 22:53 Joseph Campisi Dixon , Ca, 95620 Was station there 1965-67, bought a painting from a H.S teacher there trying to identify him,would like a contact email that I can send a photo of painting to.  Thank you
7/18/2011 10:28 Nancy Bowen Bunker Cornelia, Georgia What fun!  Attended 8th grade at Evreux, 1962-63; freshman year a five-day boarding student (Dorm 4, roomed with Pam Hopkins) at Dreux, 1963-64.  Remember being totally annoyed (as only a self-centered 9th grader could be) that the 1963 Sadie Hawkins Dance, scheduled for Nov 22, was postponed after I finally worked up enough courage to ask a sophomore by the name of Greg Labbe.  Dad transferred to Chateauroux AFB, May 1964.
7/17/2011 21:38 Nancy H. Manis Hilbert Johnson City, Tennessee I enjoyed the photos of the reunion and the candid shots taken back in the 60's.
7/12/2011 20:14 Jerry Tune Grand Prairie, Texas Haven't been here for awhile thought I would check in.  Arrived Dreux in 1959 before high school was opened. Went to 9th grade on base and was planning on becoming a Paris Pirate until they opened Dreux high. Was there my sophmore and part of junior year.  Go Vikings
7/11/2011 14:01 Wilber Heath Barrington, NH Just visiting for old times sake. Spent three years at Dreux, only the last two at the official High School. My first year was ninth grade before the HS was established.
7/6/2011 22:26 Kathleen (Kathy) Harris Harris Norman, OK My Dad was stationed at Evreux from '60-'63 where I attended 7th and 8th grades then went to Dreux HS 62-63 as a freshmen. We lived in the LaMadeline Housing Area while he was at Evreux and I rode the bus back and forth to Dreux each Monday morning and Friday afternoons.  Actually recall mostly sleeping all the way to Dreux on those cold dark Monday mornings. I remember so many good friends and teachers from those times and have often wondered how their lives turned out.  We rotated to South Carolina in the summer of '63 where I graduated from Hillcrest H.S. in a little town on the outskirts of Sumter.  I attended the Univ of Oklahoma and two years ago retired from the Edmond Public School System as a third grade teacher. I married a 'Harris' and therefore never changed names.  I just sort of stumbled upon this website last night through facebook and am most appreciative of all the work which has gone into its construction and upkeep.  Thank you. 
7/1/2011 22:29 Patrick Barrett Oceanside, Ca why all the "private entries"?  must be a bunch of movie stars.
6/26/2011 15:19 Charles (Charlie) Brantley Greenville, South Carolina Hi all. Hope that you are doing well.  I am fine, married and living in Greenville, SC.  Hope to see everyone at the next reunion.
6/26/2011 13:55 Dawn Marie Lewis Hall Savannah, Georgia Most of you from those years will remember my sister Sally, homecoming queen. She and Bob Cole dated for two years. Sally now lives in the Ocala, Florida area.
6/26/2011 13:51 Erlinda Gibson Nerona Panama City ,Florida
6/25/2011 23:07 Regina {Reggie} Burdine Richie Burdine Converse, TX  Lots of good times in a difficult time.
6/25/2011 8:35 Wilma (Willy) Brewer Memphis, TN
6/25/2011 1:39 Suzanne Burke Paris, France/London, England I was a dorm counselor for three years from August 1961.
6/25/2011 0:58 Randy Clarke Covingto had a great time. 
6/24/2011 21:52 Charles Dent Lancaster, CA
6/24/2011 14:53 Rebecca Hill Cumby, Texas Hello to all.
6/24/2011 13:26 Wilber Heath Barrington, NH Haven't been here for a while and thought I would check in again
6/23/2011 19:34 deborah clifford smithtown ny
6/22/2011 3:24 Michael William Brendle Star, Idaho returned to states middle of junior illness  Graduated from Wheatland Union Hs Ca. '63
6/21/2011 15:49 Jim Ketchum St. Matthews, S.C. Don't known why, but I'm still hanging in there.
6/15/2011 12:19 Thomas M. Burg Eastsound, WA We all owe so much to Vicki for what we have on the internet now! Lots of memories and fun with this site and Facebook - good to touch base with all the Dreux Crew!
6/13/2011 11:00 Glenn R Fairbanks Morrison, CO
6/6/2011 20:53 Carla Jackson Vallejo, CA I have 5 children, 20 grandchildren and 2great-grandchildren. How weird is that. Just seems like high school was not that long ago. 
3/11/2011 19:59 Sheryl Anderson-Sommons Anderson Fairfield,Al After reviewing the year books and the old pictures of our dorms brought back happy and sad memories. I remember so many faces now that I had not thought about since my family left in 1966. My father (SSGT Henry Anderson,Jr) died while in VietNam 1967. It was great to see so many faces from my past..ty
2/28/2011 11:49 Jerry Slay Bonifay, FL I was not a student at the school, but was stationed at Dreux in the USAF from June 1960 until September 1962.  I was a plumber and was sent to Dreux to help convert the empty buildings into the school buildings.  I have many memories of Dreux and a few photos.
2/2/2011 21:33 Maynard G Lee Ft Collins, CO I don't remember too many people from there.  Actually I remember more happenings than names. 
1/9/2011 21:35 Margot Holman Margot Holcombe Fallbrook, CA I attended Dreux High School in the Fall of 1961 when I was a junior.  My father was stationed in Copenhagen so I lived in the dorm.  
12/5/2010 13:18 Steve Dubois Ellijay, Georgia
11/30/2010 21:59 Russ Tabb Leary, Georgia USA Just looking and found this site. no current email address.455 Milford Church Road Leary, Ga.       39862
9/6/2010 22:54 L. Lynne Fisher LaVerne Lynne Brown Danville, Virginia ...just wanted to update my email address. 
8/21/2010 20:26 Rebecca Cord Hill Cumby, Texas I wanted to go to the 2010 reunion but was attending a friends wedding in Galveston.  Hope to go to the next one - how about down by the sea????? Galveston Texas is nice.  A lifetime away is Dreux, but fun memories of a great time in history - speaking of history and government classes - who are those guys that played so many tricks on the government teacher.  Who put the new chemistry teacher's MG on blocks???  I've been a social worker, newspaper editor, Army officer, teacher, mother and wife now I'm ready to star a new adventure.
8/17/2010 18:14 Bill Ball Little Rock, Arkansas Freshman year 65-66 at Dreux, then went to Torrejon outside Madrid my sophomore and junior years.  I was a dormie and my family lived in Tunisia.  Fond memories...
8/11/2010 19:40 Mary Shehan Cryan Shehan Chicago Ridge, Illinois Back from the reunion for a couple of days - great time!!!!  Now I wonder what could have been so important to keep me away from the past ones.  Great to see everyone - MANY laughs - my sides ached from laughing so much.  Thanks Vicki for all the work you do organizing these things.
7/31/2010 14:04 Ed "Bucky" Mastin Durham, NC Sorry that I'm off to see the folks in Florida, have some fun ;) 
7/29/2010 14:14 Regina Burdine Converse Texas What a WONDERFUL find this was.  I often look back and even have dreams of the great days/years at Dreux. I lived on base from Dec.63 until Dec. 66. 
7/24/2010 14:06 Roger Tate Plano, Texas Enjoyed my time at Dreux
6/27/2010 10:45 Bill Loftis "Gopher" Spring Branch, Texas We had to dorm out monday-friday <br>most my friends had already returned to the US. My brother and I had to get hair cuts before returning back to US...times change
6/17/2010 9:32 Charles Brantley Greenville, South Carolina Had a super visit with my first girlfriend from Evreux AFB. Met Renee and her sisters, Rory and Rise at the Ft Lauderdale Airport while on a business trip.  Had a good time talking about our experiences as Brats and at Evreux and Dreux AFB.  Hope to see some more old friends in Reston, VA in Augusta.
5/24/2010 19:48 Larry Stephens Chattanooga, TN I drove the bus from Fontainebleau to Dreux in 1963 school year. What a ride that was, Friday pick up and Sunday take back.
5/20/2010 4:41 Alain Berman PARIS FRANCE
5/19/2010 0:58 david smith gearhart, oregon i was a freshman, only there for winter & spring terms, but had a ball!  even thought the cafeteria food was good.  great field trips, learned the joys of cognac 'n' coke.  yearbook was swiped:(
5/11/2010 13:13 Mickey Keegan Tampa FL  Played football against Pat Mattagert<br> remember getting beat, and having fun.
4/21/2010 16:23 Elizabeth Mandeel Elizabeth Wulf Shelbyville KY I was the youngest kid in school; that fall I turned 12.  So I remember being embarrassed all the time since I couldn't wear makeup or shave my legs.If you remember me, I have changed a lot! 
4/19/2010 17:18 Gary Zimmerman Phoenix, MD I'll probably attend along with my brother, Kim ('64)
4/19/2010 17:14 kim zimmerman elk grove ca. will probably be attending reunion 2010
4/18/2010 21:07 Paula Chapple Panama City Florida Hello everyone!!! Was in class of 1964 and at the time lived in a Dormitory at Dreux Air Force Base. Don't know if anyone remembers me but at the time my family was stationed at Peshawar Air Force Base.  There were no high schools there so a few of us were flown to Dreux AFB High school in 1964.  Moved back to Atlanta Georgia in 1965.  Just wanted to say hi to any of my classmates in 1964. I live near Panama City FL now.
4/18/2010 20:45 Paula Chapple Chipley Florida
4/14/2010 18:36 Bob Frailey Yorktown, Va
4/1/2010 17:15 Michael Richberg New Port Richey,Florida Wow! I cant believe this,it seems a life time ago. I attended DAHS as a sophomore in 60-61. When not at the dorm, I lived in Ville France. I especially remember showing 16mm movies (Dobbie Gillis) in the dorm.Since then I did two tours in Viet Nam 65-66 attended MDCC and went into Law Enforcement-got married retired from the Miami Police Dept. after 25yrs. Now live in New Port Richey, Florida  THANK YOU VICKI.
3/25/2010 16:57 Shirley Holland Shirley Holland Union, WA I moved up here in 1999 from California.  Graduated from U.C. Davis  (B.S.) and U.C. Berkeley (Master's Degree). Served in the Peace Corps and lived out in East Africa and the Pacific region for many years. I was amazed to get an email from Vicki Key.  Brought back instant and fond memories of my times at Druex.  I would love to hear from any of you guys.  I will do my best to attend the Reunion in August.  Amazing. Love the internet! Shirley
3/22/2010 11:34 Henry G. Miles Harker Heights, TX just signing in..
3/7/2010 18:55 Charlie (Charles) Wayne Brantley Greenville, SC Just checking in to say hello and looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion in Reston, VA in August.
2/23/2010 7:33 John L. Webb Jr Wesley Chapel, FL
2/12/2010 16:18 Ron Etters Centreville, VA Peter Giorgi was a great teacher!  I had him for English as a Dreux AHS freshman in 1962-63.  His very effective teaching of speed reading, public speaking, word roots, and other key English language fundamentals led me to AP English in 1965-66 and then to a career in Law, which is just advocacy communications. I am glad to hear that he had such an extensive career in teaching - as a great teacher should.  You are not forgotten Mr. Giorgi! 
2/12/2010 13:53 Doris V. Shea VanArsdall West Palm Beach, FL. It''s funny to see all of the old pics.
2/12/2010 13:49 Doris V. Shea VanArsdall West Palm Beach, FL. It's funny to look at some of these pics.  I have communicated with about 6 people so far-some remember me and some don't.
2/11/2010 17:20 George Chambers Dublin, Ohio Attended Dreux from September 1960 to December 1962 and even though I graduated from a school in Georgia I have always considered this my prime high school.  I am looking forward to attending the reunion in 2010.
1/22/2010 13:24 Hope Keener Brooks Orem, Utah This is exciting.  My brother Dr. Dennis Brooks and I attended Dreux in the fall of 1961. He was on the football team and I was a cheerleader. We loved it there and hated leaving when we had to go back to the states with our parents. 
12/6/2009 9:35 Jan  Streitenberger Ft. Gibson, Ok 74434
12/1/2009 13:43 Chuck Tanner (Carl) CognacJack Woodland, WA boy did Dreux tune me up. Worked for hire in Nam, Bangladesh, South China Sea, Iraq & Afghanistan. Legally dead twice. Hobbies: Tom Waites karaoke and cider testing. Thank you for your energy in creating this site where all can attempt to clear the fog that was Dreux. Sincerely
11/20/2009 13:27 James Uranga Miami, FL First Time visitor and I like what you have done.
11/20/2009 12:06 Paul Papineau Woonsocket, RI 02895
11/5/2009 16:06 Anne Cazares Anne Rosa Tampa, FL It's been so long since hearing from anyone from Dreux that I can't remember names.
11/4/2009 9:51 Ed Mastin Durham, NC Shooting for Reston next year
10/28/2009 14:55 Barry "Rick" Card Abilene, Texas Just looking around from old friends from the Dreux days......not many on there that I remember at this point but good to see all of you from those years. Have been in Abilene now going on 30 years.....went in the Army in 66 and got out in 74...2 tours of the Nam from 67 thru 69 with the 101st Airborne...just living a nice life with My wife and My Harley.....
9/9/2009 10:34 Charles Winter (Now Deceased) Williamsport, PA Have been communicating with a lot of classmates on Facebook. I have been taking care of my mother for the past five years, but August 31st she passed away at the age of 90. It leaves a large hole in my life. Maybe I'll be able to participate in other activities, like reunions and such.
9/6/2009 19:44 Nancy Sampson Virginia Beach, VA I didn't go to the school, but my father was stationed at Dreux AFB in 1960-1961 (he was a civilian).  The families at Dreux were encouraged to "adopt" a boarding student.  I can remember a girl high school student visiting us several times during that year.  I can remember announcing to her that my birthday was Thanksgiving 1960 (November 24, 1960).  
8/21/2009 16:34 sue erickson st thomas pa we both lived in stockholm suburbs in the 60's our parents sent us off to schools away, but summers were great sailing the archipelago of Stockholm...
8/16/2009 21:33 Betsy Edgar Patrick Grass Lake, Michigan I haven't missed a reunion!  Sister Jane and I always have fun.  TO ALL THAT READ THIS....DON'T MISS THE NEXT ONE!!IT MAY BE THE LAST CHANCE!!!!
8/16/2009 19:48 Ron Etters Centreville, VA Corrections to my 8/15/09 posting:Remembering with appreciation the old DAHS cross country team of '64: Jim Adams, Len Barnes, Mike Blansett, Chester Dent, and Charles Dent (others ?).  Our teammate Don Wade and our coach Mr. Agnew have passed away I hear.  If you have any more news or corrections to my poor memory I would appreciate it.
8/15/2009 20:12 Ron Etters Centreville, VA 2010 Reunion!! Yes, we need at least one more reunion bash - especially since I have not yet attended one - but I will.The cruise from New Orleans sounds fine to me.  How can I help?
8/5/2009 20:28 Doug Sailer fredericksburg, va
7/29/2009 14:39 RONALD E. SMITH TAMPA, FLORIDA Hello from the (Rainy) Sunshine State. Most of you won't remember me...I spent most of my time working at the base Auto parts store and NCO club on Everux Air Force Base. Well, That is when I wasn't running around downtown Everux or spending as many weekends in Paris as I could. (GOOD TIMES) I remember many good friends, Claude Dixon, Pat McCrea, William Ainslie, Dale Hersey,Ursula Sedell,Cherryl Knudson,Jim Ketchum,"Pineapple" Stoeck, Carmen Ahorrio,Tom Dobbs,Gloria De Salvo. And lots more but I can't remebmer the names right now,,,(Old Folks Memory) You were all good friends, I wish I had tried harder to keep in touch.
7/4/2009 22:40 Bobby Parker Anniston, Alabama I was with the Alabama Air Guard Wing Stationed at Dreux from early November 61 to early July 62. Played on the base baseball and basketball teams. I and four other airmen lived in the gym. Lots of memories of the so young students.
6/20/2009 17:20 Leonard Zeer Modesto California I was a Soph. in 1964 yearbook
6/12/2009 14:52 Mary Lou Wadsworth Stuart, Florida Thanks Vicki for all you do.  I recognize some names in your emails but always know yours.  
5/21/2009 6:48 Wayne Cox Lancaster, Ohio
5/19/2009 16:17 Joan Rushing Bostick Rushing Ethridge, TN
5/9/2009 19:01 Philippe Schubert Juno Beach, Fla. What a great way to jolt your memory.  Mine is starting to need it.  Thank you, Vicky, for all your efforts.
5/3/2009 18:50 Michael Smith Orlando,Florida I would love to here from friend of my school days. It's also great to see what is happening to our old community as time flies on. 
5/2/2009 21:43 Gary Eno Merced, CA I attended Dreux in 1963 for one year as a freshman. Best memories were Wednesday night privileges and panty raids.
5/2/2009 19:29 Bill Shek Redwood City, CA (near San Francisco) Just saw the new yearbook addition to the site--what GREAT memories!!  My God, what a horrible senior photo of me!! (As I remember, that photo wasn't my choice!!!!!).Alive and well in California, Bill    
5/2/2009 16:16 Betty Kay Givin Tabor Keller, TX My brother James who attended Dreux the year after I left gave my info to Vicki who in turn emailed me.  It's been a long time since 1961! I wanted to attend the last reunion, but had other plans and wasn't able to make it...maybe next year? 
5/2/2009 2:34 JoAnne Erickson Lesher Everett, WA I went to Dreux for my freshman year 1961-62.  It was one of the best years of my young, just far enough away from my parents, so much going on, and so in love!
5/1/2009 22:02 Bob Harmon Ft. Meade, MD   Lookin' for some of the crew that attended Dreux AHS from Karamusel, Turkey in '63/'64
4/26/2009 17:07 Kit Topham Gunn Topham Ann Arbor, MI Attended Dreux 61-62, my freshman year. Living in the dorm was a fun experience.  
4/11/2009 17:08 DONNA Newman LIVE OAK, Florida I did not graduate, but went to Dreux for the last 2 years it was open. My sister did graduate, her name is Linda. We were one of the last families to leave.
4/3/2009 13:45 Steve Guptill Louisville, KY Went to Dreux only one year-my junior year and the last year of the school-1965-66.  My dad was a teacher in Nigeria.  Became an AF pilot and now fly with UPS.  My Dreux experience is mixed-I was very immature then and still am!
3/24/2009 20:38 Rozille (Lorraine) Facer Bowen Facer Hyde Park UT I Went to school in Dreux from December 1962 until Feb 1964. I remember we had the best football team in 63 and 64 if memory serves me right we won everyone of those football games that year. 
3/24/2009 16:18 Paulette Wilson Augusta, Georgia Attended Dreux only one year, my senior year. Paris American High School closed the dorms for Fontainebleu students, where I went my sophomore and junior years, in 1964. I remember a rivalry between Paris and Dreux afterwards. I typed the school newsletter for awhile, can't remember the name though. 
3/10/2009 12:42 Alicia  Hazel Edmonds, WA Love that Vicki does all this for us.  Thanks so much.  It's great that we can reconnect. 
3/9/2009 10:35 Mary Lou Wadsworth Wadsworth Stuart, Florida Hi everyone,<br>It's so nice to be able to connect to friends from so long ago.  I have had a wonderful adventurous life, I hope I have many more years ahead.  I have not had the pleasure of attending a reunion but hope that if the cruise goes off I can make it.  Please email if you have time.  I would love to hear from you.  Thanks to Vicki we can stay in touch.Mary Lou
3/5/2009 17:03 Cleo Y Banks Cleo Y George Fresno Ca Hi all, no home e-mail, but I'm still with the IRS. Update on address: 1041 N Thorne Ave Fresno Ca 93728 559-252-0725
3/5/2009 14:41 Michael Smith Orlando, florida the website is fantastic.  I was surprised to learn that my senor class roommte, Karl Steiner, for 65-66 passed away in 2004.  What a shock! I would have really liked to have talked with him... 
3/5/2009 13:23 JoAnne Erickson Lesher Everett, WA
3/5/2009 13:20 Terry (Brooks) Mason Brooks New Baden, Illinois I was a teacher at the 5-8 level from 1964-1966 or '67 - I can't remember exactly when I left in convoy with my new husband - we went to Patch Barracks, Stuttgart from Dreux.
3/5/2009 13:19 Renee A. Lidinsky Andrew Palm Beach Gardens, FL My sister Rory and I both attended Dreux American High School. I was only there my freshman year 1965-1966. I have many fond memories of the wonderful friends at Dreux and Evreux AFB. I recently found my Dreux Teen Club card and a room inspection slip with a warning for bed not properly made. A big thanks to Vicki Key for all her hard work keeping us connected. Hopefully we will be attending the 2010 reunion. See you there!
3/5/2009 11:23 Richard Berry Jacksonville,  AR Si Vis Pacem, Parabellum
3/5/2009 11:09  (Charlie) Charles Wayne Brantley Greenville, South Carolina I am on face book.
3/5/2009 10:00 jeffrey cole scottsdale,az
3/5/2009 9:47 Susie  Graff Pflugerville, TX Looking forward to the cruise, though  I will miss getting together with Jeanne Krausman.
3/5/2009 8:18 Mike Gentry Port Angeles, Washington Thought I better update my email since I last signed this years ago. Thanks Vickie for keeping it going. My office overlooks the ferry dock in Port Angeles, stop by if you are ever on your way through here. We'll have lunch downstairs at the Downrigger. It's been great keeping in touch with Doug Powell. Cheers
3/5/2009 4:31 David Daniels London, UK
3/5/2009 2:09 Nancy Foster Gordon DiBella Foster Sonoma, CA
3/5/2009 1:29 Rhonda Brady Jonesboro, Ga. I have a very old Dreux HS yearbook from '62-'63. It is literally falling apart. Would love to hear from any classmates from that year. Went to Evreux '63-'64. 
3/4/2009 21:38 Sharron Triolo Jansen Athens, AL Was at Dreux in 64-65.  Graduated from Clemson Univ in 1970.  Married since 1971 with three grown kids and 1 grandchild.  Retired from Civil Service in 2003.  Now working for a defense contractor.
3/4/2009 19:58 Pete Stoddard Clarksville, TN Attended Dreux from Fall,1964 until the school closed in 1966. Then was shipped to Frankfurt AHS where I graduated. Remember the Championship BBall Team of '65/66 and was the "Trainer: for Coach Manzoline. 
10/18/2008 23:11 Wini Cox Atlanta , Georgia
10/10/2008 21:57 Suzanne Bell Yreka, CA I tried emailing Vicky, but my server won't work properly.  Please forward information if possible.
10/8/2008 13:43 Pete Controvich Richmond, VA Hi, I spoke by phone this AM with former Dreux counselor David O'Hara.  We had a nice long talk about Dreux.  His address and Phone # are 2107 Hollowridge Dr.Orange City, FL 32763 386-775-6487 Vicki Key sent me the contact info. Pete
10/6/2008 0:19 Gail Reiley Schmidt Phoenix, AZ I received a postcard from VickiK and was so excited to hear about the website.  Such a long time ago and so many memories!
9/24/2008 15:08 Michael Healy Albuquerque New Mexico My father was in the 317th and I lived in France from 1959-1962.
9/14/2008 12:05 Gregory B. Knudson, Ph.D. Vienna, Virginia I attended Dreux American High School for two years, 1961-1962 and 1962-1963.  My father (COL Cecil C. Knudson) was the Dreux AFB post commander.
9/11/2008 20:54 Dan Karcher Atlanta, GA Wow... Have not thought of Dreux in years. Was there 62-63 in the dorm. I remember that it rained alot as I walked to classes. Am I right? The PX & rec area was my hang out. Learned to play pool & chess.
9/11/2008 17:28 Sandra Jane Santee  Sandra Sleeth Cottonwood Texas HI, I don`t remember very many people ,I lived in the dorm and only went home on holidays. It was an experience that I will never forget. I was pretty much a loner but there were three girls and the only one who`s name I can remember is Jackie. Jackie always wanted to dance ,we became good friends ,I remember once when we both were having boy problems,she said she wanted to run away and join the army and she wanted me to join her.// Well, I never did join the army but have had an interesting life. My father an Air Force Majar retired in the US. Virgin Islands where I lived for 18 years . I have been married twice, No children , BUT I have sailed boats , trained horses , Had my own business, I am now Mrs. Santee retired and foster cats and kittens for the SPCA ,for the High Land Lakes area in Marble Falls Texas// It is a no kill group and we save the lives of dog and cats from the pounds // I hope you all have had great lives and GOD BLESS
9/11/2008 16:54 Sandra Jane Santee  Sandra Sleeth Cottonwood Texas
9/3/2008 13:36 Mary Ann San Souci Bango Surprise, Arizona WOW~~~ what a long time ago and I remember some things as if it were yesterday!!
6/23/2008 13:22 Norma Gibson Franz La Jolla, California Just wanted to say hi to Michelle Wozniak 
12/18/2007 21:55 Gunter Sharp Atlanta, GA I've been busy all year with projects and eye surgery, and as a result have not kept up with things.  I look forward to the LAST GREAT BASH.
11/23/2007 15:54 Doug Sailer Woodbridge, Va E-mail me if you remember me at all.
11/9/2007 15:06 Charlie Bowden Lyme, New Hampshire new email address, will be moving south soon as can sell house in NH. will be in Charlotte, NC; hopefully before winter sets in
7/22/2007 19:56 barbara johnson nicholas Pensacola, Florida
7/20/2007 21:14 Maureen  Azouz Clearwater, Florida Sorry I missed you all again this reunion but you were always on my mind.  I'm sorry to say, my father passed away the day before Memorial Day. Please stay in touch...  
7/1/2007 16:19 Terry  Keeney Las Vegas, NV Due to my mother's illness, I may not be able to attend the reunion.  Email  or call me when you are in Vegas!  702-363-7626.
5/26/2007 15:12 CLEO Y  GEORGE-BANKS George Fresno Ca 93703 My e-mail has changed again. Would like to keep in touch with everyone.  Drop me a line at any of my e-mails: or Hope to see you all at the reunion in Vegas. Be Good to Yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!
4/27/2007 15:22 Sarah Diane 'Sam'  Brown  Brown Las Vegas NV I can't believe I found the association thanks to my sister Deb Ridout
4/10/2007 17:09 Patricia Swindell Duvall Swindell Atlanta, GA
3/31/2007 14:01 michael K. Grabowski Chapin, SC
2/16/2007 16:54 Jim Forrest   Silver Spring Md.
2/12/2007 23:12 Cleo Y George-Banks George Fresno Ca Yes I have a site just for my fellow Dreux Classmates.  E-mail Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2/1/2007 11:23 Mary Shehan Cryan Shehan Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois After going through and reading some of the emails I remembered the Senior Rock.  I will admit after 40 years that it was me and a couple of others who broke into the boys dorm and stole it back.  I think Michel Picheloup stated that someone still has the rock...  And who is going to the next reunion?  Judy Lunde (Moreland) and I will be there.  
1/9/2007 2:11 Ginny Morris (Green) Green Wichita Falls, TX Glad to find the site!  Thanks Vicki!  All please contact me at  I miss so many of you and would love to get back in touch! Now who am I?    Ginny Morris/Gigi Green????
1/5/2007 1:27 Joan Rushing Bostick Rushing Ethridge, TN I attended Dreux my Freshman thru Junior years and graduated 1966 @ Warner Robbins HS, Warner Robbins,GA
11/23/2006 19:40 dan bonow   I attended Dreux as a junior in '65 for 3 months, lived in the dorm and played in a band. I have many memories of that time as I was on my way back to the U.S. after spending 2 yrs in Nigeria... anybody remember me??
11/19/2006 22:41 CLEO GEORGE-BANKS  George Fresno Ca I All, Cleo George, here. Yes, I have changed addresses again. Just signing in to see what's up on the website. You all are doing a great job maintaining the site. Keep in touch.  I will see you all at reunion in Las Vegas. Later!!!!!!!!!!!
11/2/2006 16:48 Mary Edwards Wertsch St. Louis, MO It turns out that the guy I've been chatting with for the past year at our local recreation center is none other than Vic Kelly, past president of the Dreux American High School alumni association!  All those chats and neither of us ever guessed the other was a brat.  Guess our radar wasn't functioning!  I am the author of the non-fiction book Military Brats: Legacies of Childhood Inside the Fortress, first published in 1991.  It is still the only book that looks at the military as roots for those of us reared in it, and examines the effects.  As of this year, I publish it myself, through my new company which is entirely specialized in books and films for and about military brats.  I also write The Military Brat Blog, which can be accessed through that site, at the URL I've given above.  By the way, while most of you guys were attending DAHS, I was with my Army family just outside Paris,1961-64. I went to Garches elementary and SHAPE school.  Went to hs at a civilian one back in the States, unfortunately.  Nice to be in touch with your group--hope to meet you guys some time.
10/30/2006 12:07 Richard (Rick) Tuchscherer   Augusta, GA Was only at Dreux for either part of, or 1 school year (62-63).  My dad was stationed aboard the USS Springfield which was home ported in Ville Franche in the South of France at that time. I have few memories except that I lived in the dorm and played football. We came back to the states (1963) and I joined the Army in 1965.  Went to Viet Nam in 1966 and got my butt shot up twice.  I retired from the Army in 1985.  I am married to a beautiful and wonderful lady from Pennsylvania (Joy), have 3 children, and 4 grandchildren.  Our youngest son (Tommy) just completed his 2nd tour in Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division.
10/10/2006 20:25 Valli B. Dimmery   Mesa, AZ This is to inform you that my wonderful husband of 37 years, Hugh M. Dimmery, passed away on March 14th, 2006. Hugh served twenty years in the U.S. Army as an aviator and then worked for Boeing Helicopter for the last 18 years as Executive Management in charge of Foreign and Domestic Sales. He has been survived by his wife of 37 years, his two children and their spouses, Kristy and Mark Edwards and Eric and Julie Dimmery and four grandchildren Shayna, Kayla Grace , Seth and Ellie. Although his family misses him terribly, Hugh made sure we had wonderful memories to last us forever.
7/28/2006 12:53 Robert O'Donnell   Valrico, Florida At Dreux from 1963-66 (8th-10th grade). Lived in Chateauneuf housing till it closed and moved into the tin city on base. Cross Country and Track teams.After Dreux:Mitchell HS, Colorado Springs Newark College of Engineering, NJ BSCE 1972 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, MBA 1973 Univ of South Florida MPA 2000 USAF 1972-1992(Meteorologist via Texas A&M) Retired 1992 Married 35 years with three grown children and two grandchildren Currently work for URS Corporation in Tampa as a Transportation Planner
7/18/2006 21:05 Michael Smith   Orlando, FL GO VIKINGS!
5/12/2006 15:33 Ron (Ronnie) Bynum (Now Deceased)   Parker, CO I think I went by "Ronnie" back in the old days. I lived on-base at Dreux from 59-63, so I missed the dorm experience. My dad ran the Rod & Gun Club. I played soccer, JV basketball and was the COM-Z wrestling champion my junior year (which was my last in France). I talk to Bill Balliet every now and then since he also lives in Colorado.  We both were at the reunion in Las Vegas but missed Atlanta.  I still often travel internationally on business but have never returned to Dreux. Would enjoy hearing from Diane Stern, Gretchen Edwards, Tina Rousseau or anyone else who might remember me. I was the shy, retiring type.  (But I'm still too young to retire.) 
3/6/2006 17:55 michael mckeehen   Tampa,Fl What a ride anyone that didn't travel around the world by the time you were 25 got shot at and if you were lucky enough to tell about  it,then have two kids and survive your 60th birthday,Wow what a trip,couldn't have wrote a better story.Great reading all the notes,I know to many I was a pain in the ass I apologize for that but thanks for the memories.Michael
2/24/2006 19:11 Terry (Brooks) Mason Brooks New Baden, IL 62265 I was a teacher at Dreux American High School from 1964-1966.  While there I met George Mason who was a lieutenant in the Army.  We were married June 12, 1965, in Chartres Cathedral.  I left in December of 1966 when I went with my husband to Patch Barracks, Stuttgart.  We also lived in Bangkok where I taught in the International School from 1969-1972.  From 1984-1991 I taught at Patch American High school.  In between those we adopted two daughters and I did not teach.
12/26/2005 13:57 Bill Bonner   Jacksonville, Florida I was not a student at Dreux High School but spent a lot of time at the Teen Club there in 1963-64 when my father was stationed at Dreux and Evereux.  I stumbled across the Dreux website a few months back and have since been in contact with former students Donna Howard, Lois Barnes, Maureen Azouz, Walt Peterson, Randy Clarke, and Charlie Evans.  It has been great fun getting back in touch with them.  I have a lot of wonderful memories of my time at Dreux.  Hello to Diane Stern and Remi Ricci wherever you are.
12/19/2005 18:55 Meghan Butasek   Charlottesville, VA Did anyone reading this go to school with my mom, Janice Patricia Butterfield Butasek- Class of 1963?
12/14/2005 15:06 L. Lynne Fisher  aka  LaVerne Brown Brown Danville, Virginia What an amazing discovery! Can't remember anyone's name - only your faces. What fond memories - weekend excursions into Paris for dinner, the ballet, dancing the nite away at a Parisian disco. Life on campus was a real riot too! My parents were stationed in Villefrance. Anyone remember me? 
11/28/2005 1:41 Stephen McLaughlin   Davis, CA In basketball we played hard but could never beat the Chats with Don Hilley
10/8/2005 7:56 Patricia Williams Wightman Palm Coast Florida AKA Pat Wightman
9/20/2005 3:06 Audrey Herwig Closson Herwig Spring Branch, TX  Dad was stationed in the Physical Therapy Dept. in the Evreux AFB Hospital.  I was a 5-day dorm student at Dreux.  My sister Linda also attended in '66 and lived in the dorms.  She is the one that clued me in on this site.  Some of the names are familar.  Wow ancient history!
7/28/2005 9:33 Sandra (Ready) Mathis Ready Pensacola, Florida I was a student at Dreux American School, father transferred when I was a sophmore.  1960-1962.  Really anxious to hear about some friends of mine.  Betty Jean Casey, Cynthia Gerhardt and some I cannot remember.    
6/28/2005 16:20 Richard M. Wright   Alexandria, VA I didn't attend Dreux, but I graduated in 1964 from the American High School in The Hague. However, a good friend of mine (then) transferred to Dreux HS and graduated in 1965. I am looking for Barbara Lee, Class of '65. Would appreciate anyone either contacting me with her contact information or contacting her with mine. Just wondering how she is, where she's been, what she's doing.
6/10/2005 19:06 Charles Winter (Now Deceased)   Just stopped by to look around.
5/24/2005 13:28 Terry (Brooks)Mason Brooks new  Baden, IL 62265 My wife-who taught there- and I have fond memories of Druex and the School.  Terry(Brooks)taught there from 64-66 and I was stationed there.  We met and married and later in life we lived in Germany at Patch Barracks where I worked for government and Terry started teaching again at Patch American HS from 1984-91. We both enjoyed our stay in Druex and have been back to Druex area on visits to France. The base was still there albeit a little run down.  A rush of memories always came when we visted Dreux and Dampierre sur Bleve where our married life started.  George Mason       
5/19/2005 16:24 Janet Holimon Stone Holimon Marietta,SC I did not officially attend Dreux HS, but was the mascot there in 1961-62. I spent many afternoons and evenings there and in the dorms accompanying my big sister Lynne Holimon.
2/24/2005 20:50 Joe Ferncez   Lake Wales, FL Great site. Brings back memories. I was a medic at the Clinic from May 65-Jan67. Great to see some pictures of what it now looks like.
11/23/2004 12:42 Gilbert Marroquin   San Antonio, TX
11/22/2004 22:33 Nancy Barattini Poppell Barattini Savannah Ga.
11/18/2004 12:58 Susie Dale Stelle   Santa Cruz, California Hi,  I have not managed to get to any of the class reunions, but I am excited to see these emails.  I truly enjoyed the one year (1963/64) that I attented DAHS.  I have great memories.  Hung out the summer before our senior year with Rudy Bramlet, Pat MacTaggart & Terry Keeney.  They are the only one's with a car.  Anyone out there know of their whereabouts?  Or Johny Rownd?I have been a Real Estate Broker here in Santa Cruz, California for the past 28 years.  It has been good to me and I love it.  I have two grown daughters and a grandaughter--we are all local and close--I am lucky!!!! I like to water and snow ski, back pack, mountain bike and DANCE!!!!
11/18/2004 12:18 Susie Stelle Dale Santa Cruz California How do i get a list of the people who attended Dreux American H.S. in 1964
11/17/2004 22:12 Donni Shields Shields Bethesda, MD 20817 Hi! I'm hoping I'm still om the mailing list and that all of you know I'm still out here having fun and clowning around.<br>              Donni Shields '65
11/16/2004 21:31 Sally Downing Thomas Downing Fairfax, VA Moved from Los Angeles 2 years ago to Jacksonville, FL, and then on to Fairfax, VA, this spring.  Will eventually settle in Dallas.  Sorry I missed the reunion this summer but I was a little under the weather.  Actually, I was a lot under the weather.  Enjoyed the last 2 reunions I attended and hope to see everyone in 2007. Memories of Dreux will always hold a special place in my heart as that was the best year of my life regarding fun.
11/16/2004 16:48 Harvey Hinton   Decatur, IL. Great job Vicki!  I recognized quite a few names and it brought back some very fond memories.  I hope to make it to a reunion sometime although I do not think anyone would remember me as I was pretty quiet in those days.  
11/16/2004 14:15 Chris Cafferata   Great Mills, Maryland
11/16/2004 10:19 George Aune   Dixon, Illinois & Casey Key , Florida I was an English teacher at Dreux American High School...1962-63 and recently wrote a memoir of that year...which is on this web....I think.<br>I would like to hear from students who were in my 10th grade English class and in my 8th grade English/history class.
11/15/2004 22:32 Donni Shields Shields Bethesda, MD 20817 What else do I need to do to get on the mailing list?
11/12/2004 21:58 Susan V, Hart (Vogel) Vogel Beltsville, Maryland Came across this site in my web wanderings and enjoyed the comments. They brought back memories.
8/2/2004 17:06 DONNA HOWARD HILLER Howard COLUMBUS GEORGIA Had a great time at the Reunion//was terrific seeing everyone again....all you guys who didn't come really missed a good time - looking forward to the next one!
7/22/2004 20:21 Tom LaTurno   Max Meadows, VA
6/15/2004 14:24 Paul Green   Killeen, TX Just looking for old classmates.
6/11/2004 11:12 Ron Tabb   Macon GA I went to Dreux High School from Lakenheath High School (England)in 1965. Then was tranferred back to the states (Albany, GA).  I played on the soccer team in 65' that won the COMZ championship under coach Mawby (great guy).
6/10/2004 22:57 Linda Miller Ouille Miller Flower Mound Texas Fantastic memories of dorm life and friends - Branda Siler, Abby Hill where are you. Tina Rosseau, Prom @ Georges V in Paris - too cool!
6/10/2004 17:34 John Teer   Dallas, PA Looking for old friends
5/16/2004 18:33 Jean Smrcka Smrcka Alexandria, Virginia I think I am better known as Jim Smrcka's sister.  Hope to see old friends in Atlanta, 2004.
5/16/2004 0:52 Gilbert Marroquin aka Gilbert Lopez   San Antonio, TX
5/13/2004 19:47 James D. Tabor   Charlotte, NC I want to find EVERYONE...I had no idea the Dreux Alumni existed.  A few years ago I talked to Rudy Bramlett on the phone...I want to find Michael Hill, many others...Write me...
5/12/2004 16:37 William Raymond Hale, Jr.   San Antonio, Texas
4/27/2004 19:40 William (Bill) Willis   Woodbridge, VA Hope to see as many from the class of '63.  maybe I will ride my motor cycle down!!
3/4/2004 11:45 Willy Brewer Taylor Brewer Memphis, TN Hey Guys This is the first time I've looked us up...looking forward to seeing all in Atlanta Willy...get ready to dance!!
2/21/2004 8:41 Rick Berry   Arkansas.   Soooeee PIG!!  Go PIG!!! This brings back memories.  Some fond and some not so fond.  Like the time Ms Valenzuela made me stand up and recite several lines from Canterbury Tales.  I hated that!!  I spent my junior and senior years at Dreux and NO, I dont remember what I was doing when Kennedy got the back of his head blown off by that guy on the grassy knoll. Yes my friends,  Oswald was a patsy. And personally,  I found the chow hall food to be quite palatable.  I was particularly impressed with the SOS served daily for breakfast.  Yum yum.  Hi ya'll!  That's Arky talk.
2/21/2004 6:56 Richard Berry   Jacksonville,  AR
2/18/2004 13:56 Dan Mattison   Birmingham, Al Hi to all my former class mates at Dreux! I am looking forward to sharing remembered experiences in Atlanta this summer. I attended from Sept '62 through June '64. It broke my heart to leave good old Pineville La. to go to France, and then it made me so sad to leave just as I was really enjoying it. Hi to Tom Berg. Has anyone heard from Larry (65) or Patrica (63) Wightman? I loved our Sadie Hawkins Dance.
2/5/2004 7:32 George Bentley   Attended school at Dreux 1958-61 living in St Remy. Went to High School with many Dreux dormies at Torrejon AB 67-68.
1/18/2004 17:30 Sherry (Shari) Bennett Bennett Lexington, Ky I attended DAHS in the 7th grade in 1962-1963. Would love contact with others who were there then.
12/27/2003 22:53 Jim Billings   Madison, Wisconsin Hi to all.  Have a great 2004.
12/5/2003 9:06 Jamey Jarman   Oklahoma city,Okla. Attened Dreux 62-63,lived in dorm, family lived in LaMadeline houseing, ran around with Mark & ken Stavala,Carl Crouthamell, Marilyn Puz, Liz Bryant.would love to here from anyone who remembers me or them. saw an entry from Tim Barrett looking for me but his e-mail must have changed,tried to contact him no luck, any help would be great!
12/5/2003 6:53 Jamey Jarman   oklahoma city,oklahoma I attened but did not graduate from Dreux,My dad was transfered statside to Tinker air force base okla. in 1963.I was quite suprised to find this web site! I have never heard any thing about Dreux in 40 years! This brings back many memories,some good some bad.
10/28/2003 18:01 Ron Etters   Centreville, Virginia Greetings to all former Dreux students and faculty! I was only at DAHS for two years, from 1962-64, (freshman and sophmore years) but it was memorable.  Has anyone run into Mr. Agnew, the biology teacher and cross-country coach?  Now that I'm retired from the federal government, I hope to get to a reunion before long.
10/9/2003 8:37 Larry LaGrone   Sarasota Florida Fond memories. John Mayo where are you roomie?  Beth Miller,  Your still the one.  How about a hoot-n-nanny at the teen club.  Starr Jones where are you?  What ever happened to MayBritt at Laon,63-64?
9/28/2003 3:44 Jean Sarto Floten    Seattle, WA My brother, Mike Sarto, was a student at Dreux from 1964 thru 1966.  Does anyone remember him?  He was killed in an automobile accident in 1982 and I know his son would love to hear more about his life from anyone who remembers him.  Thanks! 
8/24/2003 21:11 Ron Russo   Alabaster Al. I can find no names that I recognize. Does anyone remember me?
8/22/2003 16:04 signe christensen   oakland, Ca Spending my summers in New Zealand, becoming my second home.  After all those years growing up in Holland I find myself becoming a vagabond and loving to travel.Hope to get to the reunion in 2004. getting reconnected with my roomies Chauntal and Shelley Ross.
8/21/2003 22:09 Meg (Allen) Caldwell Allen Howick, New Zealand Great site to stir up a few ol' memories. What a dag to hear referals of teachers and friends from 37 years ago.  What ever happened to my favorite roomie, Cindy Truog, or my next door neighbour in Evreux, Frank Moss, etc. etc.??  To all:  if you're ever in NZ send an email and we'll catch up!
8/20/2003 13:31 Ray King   Burtonsville, MD Military Brat (USAF)1945-1965.Excellent site!  Father received PCS orders for Dreux, but reassigned to Germany following France's departure from NATO. My sincere best wishes in your search for former Dreux alumni.
6/30/2003 13:05 Charles (Micky) Doak (Now Deceased)   Crestview, Fl New E-Mail Address
6/22/2003 22:06 Gunter Sharp   Atlanta, Georgia I'm looking forward to the 2004 reunion!
5/26/2003 22:46 Pete Controvich   Richmond, Va Hi,  I have changed my email address and thought I had told everyone. Pete
1/29/2003 22:30 Sharon Kimmel Robbins   Lodi CA After going through half the entries, I decided to add my two cents worth. It was great reading comments from other military brats. It was also exciting being the first students at Dreux American High and was difficult to leave there. If anyone remembers the friend of Betty Benbrook, who was in the hospital with hepatitis after the first month of school that was me, you all used to come and visit me at my window which was across the way from the dorms. Then the last month there, I had a cast on my leg from a torn ligament. Geez, I never knew I was so prone to medical needs in those days. My Dad was stationed at Evereux and Dreux from 1958 to 1961. The Benbrooks were our neighbors in Evereux. My Mom is still is in contact with Mrs. Benbrook. I remember Jinx, and a Vicky and Duane that were girlfriend/boyfriend much to the chagrin of Vicky's parents. It was great connecting here. Take care :)
1/29/2003 21:42 Sharon Kimmel Robbins   Monterey CA
1/2/2003 15:44 Charles "Micky" Doak (Now Deceased)   Crestview, Florida Hi to all!  See ya' in Atlanta.
12/17/2002 11:33 Charlie Bowden   Lyme, New Hampshire got notice of new directory from Vicky; visited her DAHS site. decided to leave a note. graduated 66. 
11/22/2002 17:12 Mike Oliver   Charleston, SC Missed 2000 reunion, but promise to do better in 2004. Will see everyone in HOT-lanta. 
11/10/2002 14:51 Keith Kline   Placitas, NM While in Europe this summer traveled to Paris and then the short train ride to Dreux with spouse. From Dreux to the base by taxi. Was unable to enter through the main gate but able to observe the old dorms from the road. Felt a lot of memories as I stood outside and looked across the field towards the dorms. It appeared the buildings had not been occupied for some time as in very poor condition. Anyway the trip back was something well worth the time.     
10/15/2002 18:57 Connie J. Bryant (Pidgeon) Pidgeon Zion National Park , Springdale, Utah Nice reading through all the entries. I'm interested if anyone knows how to reach a Diane See who was in the class of 1966.
10/13/2002 20:14 Steve Mudge   clinton twp. mi Vicki found my dad and he e-mailed me about this site. I've been looking at some of the e-mails and got exicited about fing some old friends. We were stationed at Everux from about 60-63(have to check with my dad for sure) I played Babe Ruth ball and just dug out some of the baseballs that I had signed from then. Looking forward to hearing from anyone and I'll keep checking this site.    Thanks Vicki       Steve Mudge
9/28/2002 16:35 Judy Lunde (Moreland) Moreland Santa Rosa, CA Hi kids.
9/13/2002 19:35 Peter Stoddard   I am still out there.
9/2/2002 19:22 John Kissinger   Graduated from Dreux in 63.  In San Diego since 1975 - would like to hear from others.
8/10/2002 18:45 Barry Richard Baker   austin, texas i attended dreux from dec.'60 to graduation in june'63. i've kept my eye on this website for about 3 years, but only now am making contact. it interested me today that neither my name or bill flake were listed in the alumni of '63. especially because we ran against one another for student body president '62-'63. bill won. are you out there bill? if so, touch base with me. god bless mr. francis!
8/9/2002 7:08 Mark Snair   Hello all.  As a shocker...I was born in Dreux, AFB in 1957.  Mom is French from Dijon.  Stick to gether.   Mark
6/16/2002 23:23 Greg deHart   Berkeley, California Hey all you always young guys. Man, I want to see my classmates. Let's get this next reunion going. Just connected for the first time and must admit to pangs of regret for not having been computer savvy earlier. Sorry. So, write me. Let me know what is happening. 
6/12/2002 14:11 john brown   attended dreux h.s. in yr. 61-62 and 62-63. lived in evereux 59-62. whose still out there that remembers the smelly cigarettes, lousey mess hall food, and overly strict penitentiary dorm guards?
6/2/2002 20:09 JoAnne Lesher Erickson Lesher Everett,  WA My year at Dreux was incredible.  I hated to have to rotate in June of '62 back to the States.
5/22/2002 9:58 Klaus Bacher   frankfurt germany Hi, I was stationed at Dreux - would like to be contacted by some of your guys Klaus
5/10/2002 22:03 Tom Burg   Orcas Island, WA - Pacific Northwest Howdy Ya'll! I thought I would drop in to the School Web Page and drop a new note of greetings! Life on the island continues to be sublime to say the least. My fourth year at golf is just beginning and I am hovering around mid-ninties for the moment!?? Miss talking to you guys - drop  line, I have some regulars (Janet Batik, Cleo, and a few others!). Would welcome more info from some of you closer to my area. Will be driving down to Texas in early September, hope to see some of you then!!
5/3/2002 7:51 DONNA HOWARD HILLER Howard Hi to everyone!  
5/1/2002 18:14 Cheryl (Conover) Hanks (Now Deceased) Conover
5/1/2002 15:23 Pat McCrea McCrea Albuquerque, NM Finally joined the 'information age' and got a laptop...found this site, and wanted to leave a message.  I am currently in NM, getting ready to head to So Calif, then a tour of the US to see sights I have not seen before...also to find relatives...I am retiring from the Army this summer, after over 28 years.  Was married, have three daughters, one son, five grand daughters and three grandsons...would love to hear from '62 alumni!
5/1/2002 9:06 RONALD E. SMITH   CLASS OF "62"
4/30/2002 23:12 Bill Douglas   St. Pete Beach, Florida Looking for Nan Brion, aka Margaret Brion-Gingery, class of '65. Anyone have an e-mail?
4/29/2002 16:54 Ray Larson  
4/22/2002 22:44 Ginger Crapse (maiden name Turner) '65 Turner Williamsburg, Va. My sister found this site and called me -- pleasant surprise.  I was only at Dreux one year, '65 (my senior year).  Had a lot of fun -- remember going to see "Goldfinger" in Paris with French sub-titles.
4/9/2002 6:29 Steve Howard   Columbus, GA
3/17/2002 0:56 Greg De Hart   Berkeley
3/5/2002 9:31 Michael W. Pratt   Upper Lake, CA Just found this web site. I was in the class of 1962 and discovered that I am one of the lost alumni. I am alive and hello to all my friends from Dreux.
3/2/2002 2:43 Rufus Washington (Now Deceased)   Aberdeen, MD 21001 I only went to Dreux H.S. Part of year in 1966 after transfering from Poitiers H.S. Had a good time while I was there. I was on the track team and we win the 880 relay at the COMZ Meet Beating out all schools in France and England.   
3/1/2002 19:59 Jonathan Sayers   Reading, Berks, UK I am the webmaster of a site dedicated to RAF Greenham Common which was a USAF base in England until 1992. It closed in 1964, then reopened in 1967 as the French bases were closed. Please have a look at my site and sign my guestbook.Thanks.
2/18/2002 20:57 Robert O'Donnell   Valrico (Tampa) Florida Found this site by pure luck.  I put in Dreux on and Vicki Key e-mailed me the next day.  I can't beleive how many of my old friends are listed in classmates and gradfinder.  I lived in the Chateauneuf housing area till it was closed and we were forced into the tin-city (luxury mobile homes)on base. I would would love to hear from anyone from the class of 68 or who was at Dreux from 63-66.  Also, any of my team mates from the Evereux Babe Ruth Baseball team and the 64-65 Cross Country teams.  We had some great times. 
2/16/2002 0:32 robert ropiecki   richmond, virginia would love to hear from anyone who remembers me
2/13/2002 22:58 Robert O'Donnell   Valrico  (Tampa) Florida
2/9/2002 19:53 Steve Turner   Ashland, KY   Reading all of these comments brought back many wonderful memories. I first found some of you after just missing the 2000 reunion ( EGADS ) and have had the pleasure of emailing and talking to some on the phone. I am interested in hearing from anyone.
2/2/2002 11:22 Beverly Faye Jones Smith Jones Los Angeles, California I just found out about this web site.  Very Please to see it. I will be joining. I graduated from Dreux 1962. My best friend at Dreux was Penny Lynn Parr.  Has any one heard from her. Keep up the good work. Beverly 
1/24/2002 22:08 Douglas Perkins   Louisville, Ky I went back to Dreux HS ~5 years ago.  School in shambles.  There was still english chauk messages on the green boards.  Looks like the French are using the air field & left a lot of the place go to seed. Doug
1/10/2002 14:46 Jim Uranga   W. Melbourne, FL
1/4/2002 14:39 Roy Finney   St. Louis, MO It's been along time since I thought about France, but was in the wedsite for my high school and thought about checking France.
12/29/2001 16:06 Lea Corkill Hudson Corkill Carlinville, Illinois Class of '68. Looking for Sandy Shields, Landi Todd, others. 
12/14/2001 22:26 Dennis Morales   Magnolia Springs, Alabama Thought I'd drop another quick note.  Offer the inivitation for any alumni to drop me a line, or stop by and visit. (It's fun living 15 minutes from the beach on the Gulf coast!)  Missed the last reunion, hope I can make the next one. If ya can't get me on the puter you can call 334-965-3272. Go class of '65!
12/14/2001 16:18 JANICE DARBY PUZ  (POWELL) Puz Columbia LA I have only heard from two classmates since I first joined back in August.  Where are you  Ronda Kincaid, Carmen Ahorrio, Becky and Frances Huddleston???  I have emailed Carmen and Becky and got no answer back.  I am dying to talk to some of you.  Somebody please respond!!!!!!
11/27/2001 14:33 gary pringle   Topeka,Kansas     I didn't go to high school in Dreux<br>although I had friends there.  I graduated from Paris Am. High School<br>in 1957.  I lived at the neighboring air base of Evreux.  Good luck to all.  My email address is<br> email me if you remember me and want to chat.  GARY 
11/23/2001 1:25 betty, hall, harper Hall Nashville, TN My years in France left me with wonderful memories.  I did my first and second grades there and returned to for my 11th & 12th.  Went to Verdun for the 11th then on to Dreux for my last year.  All of these years have long since seperated me from my annuals so many faces and names were lost because I did not have those books to look at through the years.  But the warm feeling that cradles my heart  when the memories enter are beyond wonderful and bring a smile to my face.  I am more than thankful to have had the experience of travel during my growing up years.
11/20/2001 17:10 Kay (von Dran) Teague   I did not graduate from Dreux High but I did go to kindergarten and 1st grade on the air base. My dad was in the Air Force and we were stationed there from 1959-1962.
11/16/2001 18:18 Ben Lopez   Cocoa Florida Just wanted to say i was at Dreaux in 1963-65. 1965 in my freshman year. The old man got transfered to Ft.Benning Georgia. Really expect to hear from some of you.   Later Vikings.
11/16/2001 18:11 Ben Lopez (junior)   Cocoa, Florida Its been a long long time. Surprised to have been informed about this sight. Looking for Daine Aines,Paul Minkler,Mary Pappas,Wayne Cox,Joan Rushing,Tom Gordon and others who might remenber me.
11/7/2001 0:11 TOM MOHN   St. Petersburg, Fl. Attended DAHS 1961-62, Older Brother Randy was in 1st. grad class at Dreux. Lived in Lafayett Village at entry next to Sally Downing and across from Ann Childs. I know where both John & Ellen Brown are, and I'm not telling!! Just kidding. e-mail me if you remember me.
10/31/2001 16:09 Doug Blankinship   Without minimizing how much we loved our time in France, or how much we treasure our many international experiences and friends, 9/11 has underscored how lucky we've been, and what a good country this is. We've already won the lottery, we live in America! I want to thank our spouses, friends,and significant others who put up with our reminiscences, who might feel a lack of attention as we reconnect with old friends, and old flames, and who still support us,and embrace our old friends as their own. I want to thank our parents, too. As teenagers we neither knew much, nor ared what our friends' parents did for a living. In retrospect, they laid the groundwork for how international affairs are conducted today. Some singlehandedly negotiated international agreements, build factories, staffed and operated military commands, and forged alliances. They represented our government, our military, and our way of life to post WWII Europe. They were the greatest generation, in war, and in peace. Last, but not least, we should thank each other. We sort of fit somewhere before the baby boomers, and Gen Xers. We've been overshadowed in the media by those younger siblings and friends, but we're the ones who gave the world rock-and- roll, we fought (in both senses of the word) the Vietnam war, we spawned the civil rights movement, and the womens' movement, we witnessed our first steps into space, when people actually still paid attention to space launches. We did good! I love what we had back then. New kids were immediately assimilated, after all, they knew the latest songs, dances, and styles. All we had was each other, and that was plenty. I love what we have now. At our stages in life, we don't expect many defining moments, but we definitely experience some happy times reading everyone's e-mail. Wasn't it great to be 16-18 again? Take care all of you. Please stay in touch, please let me know if you are in the Washington, D.C. area, I'll make time for you. With greatest affection and fondest memories, Doug '64
10/31/2001 11:29 Thomas Dixon   Clinton Township, Michigan Vicki, great job. Had a great time at the last reunion. Looking forward to the next one.           "GO VIKING"
10/27/2001 21:57 Thomas Morgan   Northern california Graduated in 1963<br>Looking to hear from friends of same year.  Randy? David? and most especially Cheri
10/26/2001 22:38 Tom Burg   Orcas Island, Pacific Northwest Greetings one and all! I must say that the Nov. 1963 and now the Sept. 11, 2001 tragedies put me in the most introspective and reminiscent mood. I reflect on where and what I/we were doing in 1963 and where and what I/we are/were doing on this last horrible day. It goes without saying that I can honestly say that the friendships that we had then and continue to have now are part of the strenght and comfort I draw on. I thank and bless each and everyone of you who are in my life. We learned so much while there on how to love and be with many different people from all backgrounds and in many places of the world. I hope that we never lose touch with each other and that we ALWAYS remember the lessons we learned and keep them in our daily lives. Go Vikings!!
10/21/2001 23:10 Susie Marr Graff Susie Graff,  Austin, Texas
10/21/2001 8:36 Cleo George-Banks George Fresno, Calif Just looked at the pictures on the gradfinder and it was nice, very nice. Vicki did an excellent job!!!
10/14/2001 19:32 Jane (TURNER) Whitaker Turner Santa Rosa Ca. & Hook Norton England What a wonderful surprise to find this page! I was at Dreux my Freshman and Sophmore years 63&64. My brother Blaine Turner was at Dreux all four years of high school (1961-1964). I am now living in England but spend a lot of time in Santa Rosa California. Does anyone remember the performance of Faure Requim in Orleon Cathedral?
10/14/2001 13:57 Jane Whitaker (Turner) Turner Hook Norton, Nr. Oxford, England Opps. I attended Dreux in my freshman and sophmore years 63 & 64 then moved to George C Marshall High School in Ankara, Turkey for 65 & 66. I remember very well being in the movies when they stopped the movie (The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) and told Kenedy had been shot. Does anyone remember George (Speedy) Lilly and have any contact? One of my worst memories was having my appendix out in Everux Hospital during the Cuban Misslle Crisis and doing a practice evacuation.My brother Blaine Turner (graduating class of 1966) is now living in Wisconsin. I live in England but I am visiting California from now until December.How wonderful to find this web site!
10/14/2001 13:38 Jane Turner (Whitaker) Turner Class of 1966 Looking for Pam Solie
9/19/2001 11:05 Doug Blankinship   Last week's events have caused me to think back on a chilly day in November of 1963 when many of us shared another bleak moment in history.  News of the Kennedy assasination reached us from Dallas as we were in the early moments of a movie playing at the Dreux Base movie house.  Then, as now, we wondered about how safe and sane our world was, about how fragile are our ties to those we love, about how essential it is to keep focused on what and who matters.  I look at the list Vickie has so systematically and lovingly<br>compied and see names of dear friends from another time, most of whom I've lost touch with.  I regret that.  I regret, too, that I wasn't able to renew those friendships at the Las Vegas Reunion, but hope there will be another way and time to do so.I hope too that, soon we'll be able to look beyond the searing images of the Pentagon five-sided no longer; the World Trade Center a cloud of dust, rubble and carnage racing thru the streets of New York; a silver plane one minute a sharp profile against a deep blue sky, the next a knife slicing thru a building, thru a city, thru our sense of safety, thru our history.  We survived 1963 together. We'll survive 2001 together. Peace, Doug Blankinship,'64
9/8/2001 17:01 Cleo George-Banks George Fresno, Calif. Found the site by looking thru my information received at the last reunion in Las Vegas and Dallas. I never went thru all of the stuff. It was good seeing you all. I must admit I didn't remember a lot of you until I looked in the yearbook. Maybe we can do a then & now. How about that? I had signed on before, but I guess it didn't take. Will see you all at the next reunion. Have a good life! Hi Jan Rupert!
8/28/2001 17:53 Terry Hennet   Charleston, South Carolina Attended Dreux '63-'64 Class of '65. You guys (and gals) are some of the best friends I have ever had and would love to hear from you. I found the site after the 2000 reunion and was disappointed that I missed it.  I have already talked to Mo and Charlie and traded insults with Tom Henry. Terri Carmello----WHERE ARE YOU "TINY" Still have my Letter Jacket and an old Dreux sweatshirt( one fits, the other doesn't). Roomed with Sam Goodrich,Tim Hatcher and Gene Legg.  Let me hear from you.    Terry
8/23/2001 19:30 Grace Engstrom Engstrom Tulelake, CA Attended Dreux 65/66 - Graduated from Frankfurt in 1968.  Does anybody know where Dixie Cox is?
8/9/2001 16:00 Doug Simmons   20mi. east of Blue Lake, Ca. Class of 66, Vegas in 96....missed the 2000 but maybe i'll have time for the next one?!
8/3/2001 14:03 Ed McCurry   Annandale, Virginia Nicely done, Vicki.  Was there 65-66, dorm rat, then spent my senior year at Torrejon (Spain).  Can't say the sojourn at Dreux was my favorite time in life but 'twas part of the learning process and you shouldn't forget it. You are to be commended for this effort.
8/1/2001 15:10 JANICE PUZ Puz Columbia, LA After going through some of the guest book entries I just have to add more to my first comment.  I didn't realize so many of my alumni felt like I do about Dreux High.  It was the greatest time of my life.  I don't think I realized it then as much as in later years. I would love to talk to any one of you about those years and try to find some of my old buddies.  My great love then was Paul Copeland.  Does anyone know anything about him????  Vicki please keep up the good work.  I do want to be a member.  
8/1/2001 14:26 JANICE DARBY PUZ Puz Columbia, LA I left Dreux High after my sophmore year
8/1/2001 11:41 Catherine Shelton Dales Shelton Summerville,, SC 29485 This is great.  I would love to get in touch with old friends.  I look back on my days in France with great fondness.  We had great time at Paris American High School and at the teen club on base.  I have gone back to Paris twice recently.  Once 5 years ago and again last month.
7/27/2001 15:50 KEITH KLINE   ATTENDED 1964 AND 1965
7/14/2001 2:15 Carol Loney   Sorry I missed 2000...
7/3/2001 18:56 Katherine  Topham Ann Arbor, MI Oops, I located my old yearbook and found out I attended Dreux American High School 1961-1962. What fun it is to see once again the faces of dear friends from so many years ago.
7/3/2001 18:35 Katherine  Topham Ann Arbor, Michigan I attended Dreux my freshman year 1960-61 while my parents were stationed on Cyprus.  I would love to get in touch with friends from the dorm after all these years.
6/20/2001 16:15 Michele Greenip (Deery)  Greenip West Chester, PA  I didn't even know about this page until a friend told me.  It is just too strange hearing of many of the people I remenber. The names and faces lived in my head for too long.  I am having trouble letting everyone back out!  Still contemplating the reunion.  That would be really strange! Dreux was such a turning point in my character building.  I found out what I was really made of during that one year.  Much of what I learned about others and myself were pretty handy during the past 38 years.   
6/20/2001 16:13 Michele Greenip (Deery)  Greenip West Chester, PA  I didn't even know about this page until a friend told me.  It is just too strange hearing of many of the people I remenber. The names and faces lived in my head for too long.  I am having trouble letting everyone back out!  Still contemplating the reunion.  That would be really strange! Dreux was such a turning point in my character building.  I found out what I was really made of during that one year.  Much of what I learned about others and myself were pretty handy during the past 38 years.   
6/12/2001 10:41 David Ruppert (Now Deceased)   Cape Neddick, Maine Finding this site has brought back many wonderful memories of a most unusual and formative time in my life. From a football game in Bushy Hall, England to the first love of my life.
6/11/2001 11:27 Larry Harvey    Attended Dreux from April - June 1965 (graduated). Roomed with Hooper and Horn. Remained in Fountainbleau until August 1966.
5/27/2001 23:22 Dennis Morales   Magnolia Springs, Alabama Mailing address   D. Morales  P.O. Box 33 Magnolia Springs,Al              36555
5/24/2001 3:22 Mike Regester   Hello Vicki, Just a quick note to say that I have discovered this place and I'm looking in.  Mike Regester
5/4/2001 10:23 Carol Ward Davis 62-63 Ward Albuquerque NM Great website! Had such a wonderful time at the Reunion in Las Vegas last year.  Great job by all involved.  Reconnected with so many old friends and had a life-changing experience there.  Literally!  For those of you who know us and haven't heard yet, Doug Chapman and I were married on Oct. 21, 2000 after 37 years of carrying each other in our hearts.  We dated at Dreux in 62-63 and for two years after Doug graduated.  Circumstances and distance took their toll and we lost touch.  Had been searching for each other for four or five years before the reunion.  Look forward to seeing all our old friends at the next reunion.    
4/16/2001 12:03 Jay L Martin   Baton Rouge, LA Vicki, Boy! was I thrilled when Steve Roberts called me after 20 years. I haven't been this excited in a long time. My wife say that whenever I talk about the best times of my life they're always about Dreux. Unfortunetly I did not graduate from Dreux. I attended school there from the last half of the eights grade thought the fist half of my Junior year.I rotated to the States in November of 1963. I begged my folks to allow me to stay and complete school, but to no avail. I was fortunate to have been a day student and a five day dorm student also. Great job on the web page. I forward to attending future reunions any renewing old friendships.
3/21/2001 10:04 Jan Rupe Batik Rupe Louisville, Kentucky Vicki, Great job on the new website!  This is a neat way to exchange news with the people who leave notes, and I check it out periodically.  Several friends are headed in the direction of Louisville this year, and we are working on getting together.  Thank you.
3/16/2001 22:34 Pete Controvich   Richmond VA Wow, Vicki, this is great!  You've really put some work into this.
3/16/2001 13:45 Larry Bamrick   Vicki, Just wanted to keep in touch.  Any plans for another reunion?? Larry
3/13/2001 20:20 Tom Pittet  
3/13/2001 10:03 David (Jerry) Hamilton   Roswell, Georgia Until 2 days ago, I never imagined I would ever hear from or see anyone from Dreux again.  I was absolutely stunned to find not only 'Dreux' on the Internet, but even yearbook pictures (I hated mine!!)  If you don't recognize my name as David, which I have been going by since my mid 20's, you knew me as Jerry Hamilton, class of '62.  I was the senior class president.  This is fantastic.  Anyone and everyone, feel free to e-mail.  I would love it.
3/12/2001 19:59 Tom Henry   Sonoma, California Class of 1964.I want to say hello to all my friends and apologize to any student I may have offended with my adolescent behavior while in captivity.  (No apologies to the dorm counselors.)  I am in contact with a few alumns.  These include Larry Bamrick, Brad Gebert, Diane Stern and John Round.  If anyone wants to get in touch with any of them, just drop me an email. Hope to see some of you at the next reunion.
3/12/2001 17:41 Barbara Magill Magill Falmouth, MA I attended and graduated from Dreux 1963. We lived in St. Remy-sur-Avre and so we were day students. I really wanted to live in the dorm! Even stayed over on prom night and got into trouble with the dorm mom! I've been to 2 of the 3 reunions and am still discovering people from what seemed to be a distant past, until recently. This has led to connecting with some great old friends and to filling in some blanks . Good job, Vikki!
3/12/2001 12:22 Mary Ann (Colaluca) Routh Colaluca Easley, SC Hey Vikings!  I'd love to hear from anybody from my years in Dreux (class years '61-'62 and '62-'63)  Then we were transferred to Paris for a year and then back to the States (Georgia)
3/12/2001 11:05 Peter McPhee   Houston, TX
3/12/2001 10:59 Jeanne Wendt (Now Deceased) Krausman
3/12/2001 10:08 James Michael Dyer   Great site
3/12/2001 9:44 Ed ( Bucky) Mastin   Vickie, Thanks for the email, I have enjoyed your new site.
3/12/2001 9:15 Mimi Sontelie Guy Sonstelie NJ Great work, Vicki. You will have to write a book from your first search for classmates up to Website! Thanks
3/12/2001 7:54 Daniel Boyd   Denver
3/12/2001 6:04 Barry Lewis Ybarra   Dreux Class of '64
3/12/2001 0:15 Maurice  (Mo) Smith   Class of '61 Thanks Vicki
3/11/2001 23:04 Jane Patrick Ogger Patrick
3/3/2001 19:53 Bette Carter Carter Florida What a wonderful way to say BON JOUR!<br>I really enjoyed reading all the entries - will check back often to look for new postings and old friends  Class of 67
2/22/2001 13:34 Erlinda Nerona Nerona Tucson,AZ Just found your sight.Nice to know this is here .Found some of the people I knew !!! 
2/13/2001 19:03 Philippe Jean Louis Le Bourveau   Las Vegas, Nevada Interestingly enough I had to leave my country (France) to get in touch with my past (in France) and find friends, long lost. Thank you for being around
2/3/2001 18:53 Wayne Cox   Columbus,Ohio Attended Dreux High 63. Was in bar across the road from Chapel Royale playing foosball and listening to Ruby Baby by Dion on the juke box when bartender told me Kennedy was shot.My brother ,Ted Cox and my sister, Sheila Cox also attended Dreux.
2/2/2001 12:02 Jerry Ricci   Jupiter Florida This is a little late, but what the heck. I'm currently unemployed  (and loving it) after bing with Pratt & Whitney for 21 years. The 2000 DREUX reunion in Vages was absolutey great.  I was stunned to run in to my friends and teaches (Pat Hurley, Darrell McCollum, Michel Picheloup & Mr Paul Papineau) whome I had not seen since 1967. All this makes goose bumps on my neck. Randy Clark, sorry my older brother Remi Ricci didn't make. Maybe next time. Start working on his head and make sure he attends the next reunion.<br><br>Breif history... Remi & I were at Dreux on 2 different occasions. 1st time was 1956 to 1960  (I actually have a couple of DREUX REVIEW newspapers) and the 2nd time (with the parents stationed at Evereux) from 1963 to 1967. Remi left in 64 because the French Army wanted to draft him. Remi had dual citizenship. I never knew my brother could run so fast!!! Yep, I remember the DREUX trailers, DREUX housing in the city of DREUX and Billy-Goat-Hill, the Milk-Bar, Evereux AFB and being a 5-day dorm student wresteling, soccer and cross country. Yep, and the panty raids. Hey, Tom Ryan (Better known as the Animal), where are you? Better attend the next reunion. If John Dooley is still out there and your still looking from me, I'll see at the next reunion.  <br><br>Regards & the best of luck to all of you Vikings and as my buddy Darrell McCollum would say "See ya in the funny papers"<br><br>Jerry Ricci Class of 67
1/30/2001 15:04 Alicia (Leesha) Hazel   This is a new e-mail address.
1/27/2001 15:52 Jenelle Peterson   Texas Hi - I am the webmaster of the Chateauroux website listed above.  Just dropped by to say hi.  I noticed you have located Stephen Fletcher -'68.  I have great pics of Steve on the Chad website.  He attended elementary in Chad as a youngster.  Come have a look.
12/15/2000 18:41 John Dooley   Memphis TN I only went to Dreux for about a year, but it was fun while it lasted.
11/21/2000 4:39 Becky McDonald (Rogers) McDonald Mississippi This is GREAT! I graduated from Dreux in Class of 1962 and have waited nearly 40 years to find out where my former classmates are.  I came to Dreux from Oslo, Norway, where my Dad was assigned to NATO's Northern Headquarters.  Left France after graduation and never went back.  Recently developed a keen interest in knowing what happened to members of the class of '62.  Where are you?  Have you had happy, healthy, fulfilling lives?  Wish I had found this site before the reunion in June 2000.  Sorry I didn't know about it, but I'll be at the next one!!!!!!
10/27/2000 17:58 Linda Miller Ouille Miller Flower Mound, Tx I attended Dreux from 1963 - 1965
10/12/2000 17:13 Hank Lundberg   Austin, Texas I stumbled on this page while checking Google for information about Fountainbleau.  I attended Fountainbleau American Elementary School from 1963 - 1966.  I remember several of the kids from Fountainbleau who used to go to Dreaux for high school.  I also remember going up to Dreaux one weekend to see one of the high school football games.  After leaving France my dad was stationed at Fort Sam Houston and I have lived in the Central Texas area since.
10/8/2000 10:38 JACK FREY   clearwater fl i was stationed at dreux afb from july 63 until dec 65...i am trying to locate my former company...106th signal group. i think they are in germany....not sure
10/6/2000 2:44 James W. Elliott   Orlando, Florida I attended Dreux American in 1964 and 1965. We left early (DEC 1995) due to the NATO base closings. I would have graduated in 1966. My dad was stationed at Loan Air Force Base. I remember all of the great people that I met during this time and look forward to seeing them again. Keep up the great work!
8/25/2000 23:51 Pete Stoddard   Clarksville,Tennessee Went back to Fontainbleau this summer. It was quite an experience.Stayed at the Napoleon, walked out to the old base, over the International Apartments and of course went back to the chateau. Found where "Johnny's" used to be but it is now a HAMBURGER STAND.  Can't decide if the place looks better or worse since we left,but a lot of things are still the same. Most surprising, the International School is still running. Apparently the local school district took it over and they now run it as a "Foreign Language" School." Anyway, it was a real trip back in time.
7/29/2000 1:57 Ron Martin   Topeka, Kansas I must have been lost.  Great to see so many people getting back together.
7/3/2000 20:57 Larry Handegard   Boise, ID Class of 64, Had a great time at the 2000 reunion in Las Vagas. Carol and Paul did a FANTASTIC job.  Looking to hear from Karen Lee Olson and Pamela Jean Mayfield.
6/27/2000 18:27 Pete Controvich   Richmond, VA Evelyn Waugh said in his novel 'Brideshead Revisited' "These memories, which are my life - for we possess nothing certainly except the past, were always with me."  My memories of Dreux have been with me for 39 years.  After seeing everyone at the Reunion they have been refurbished for another 39. Furthermore the new memories of fellowship and fun in Las Vegas will go into the same mental vault with my fondest recollections of life at Dreux.  It was great seeing everyone.  Let's do it again soon.
5/8/2000 6:58 Karen Scanlan Stone Scanlan Grants Pass Oregon So great to find you.  Absolutely could not believe I would hear the Viking fight song on here and....remember all the words...Sure brought a big smile and a little tear!!  Stationed in Karamusel Turkey during my time at Dreux.  Anymore out there ?? Graduating class of 1964.  Attended Oct 1963 - June 1964.  Anyone remember the day (night in France) Kennedy was killed?  Pretty emotional time at the base chapel!
4/30/2000 18:12 Jeri Norris Rhodes Norris surfing...looking for connections.
4/21/2000 21:35 Deborah A. (Lee) Fleary Lee Georgia Hi Pat! Look forward to seeing you at the reunion in Vegas! Deb Lee Fleary
3/23/2000 5:32 Anita Harris Fox Harris Oregon Found you from  A friend from church mentioned that she found an old friend through this means.  When I logged on and went to overseas then France then Dreux I got so excited I couldn't sleep that night.  I attended '61 and '62 but graduated in Bellevue, Nebraska in 1963.  Those two years were so different from anything that I experienced before or since.  I am again, so glad that I have found "others of my kind."
3/20/2000 15:48 connie ashman  (young) Ashman northern california this didn't work the first time - pretty fun to read all these messages - i am hopefully having dinner with woody watkins, jerry brown and randy ayers in april in san diego -thinking about the las vegas reunion in june - wondering if anyone knows where donna stone, phil smith, bob blume might be - also ellen brown -  last saw phil in dallas in 66-67?  thought bob was in flushing new york?remember the teen club?  the songs -  life is good.
3/15/2000 6:07 Pat Massengale Caroom Massengale Thanks Vicki for keeping this up to date! I was looking to see if the Dreux room rate at the Paris Hotel was listed on our web page. It's not. I probably have that in a mailing somewhere!
3/11/2000 4:16 Susanna Brooks   Washington, State Navy Brat went to school at clark AFB wanted to share this with all the Brats around the world!  First Squad "Military Brat Wear"
3/10/2000 3:40 Jeff Maddox   Sterling, VA My father was stationed at Laon AFB, Laon, France from, I attended the schools on Laon AFB (1st - 3rd grade).
2/25/2000 2:01 Patrick F. Grindle   Omaha, NE This is great!!!!!!! I had no idea a site like this existed....and for brats...maybe I'm not alone in this world?
2/4/2000 15:03 Jeanne Krausman Wendt   La Porte, IN Karen Russell, are you out there?
1/21/2000 22:46 Malinda L. McDonald   Gaithersburg, Maryland 1965 graduate of Dreux! Thanks for site and information, will investigate further!<br>Lindy
1/20/2000 23:33 Steve Roath   Thomasville, GA Attended Dreux 1962-1964, lived in both Dorm 1 and Dorm 2, was on the football team (look in your yearbooks <br>and find the smallest guy in the team picture.  I was also on the wrestling team and the soccer team.
1/13/2000 14:05 John (Johnnie) Hearn   Riverdale, Md. (outside Wash., D.C.) This is unbelievable...I have finally found someone who has been where I've been.  Attended Dreux American High during my freshman and sophmore years (1962-1964).  I was one of those five day commuters from Evereux Air Force Base.  Also attended Evereux Elementary School (eighth grade) in 1961 and live for a time in the LaMadeline Housing Area as well as on Evereux Air Base.  I was on the wrestling team (junior varsity) and if any of you ever exchanged your sheets, I was the guy in charge of that operation (remember me now?) .  I look forward to hearing from any of you and will definitely see you in Las Vegas.  By the way does anyone remember that strange little French guy who taught sophmore French and refused to speak a work of English?  I still have anxiety attacks from that experience. (smiles)
1/11/2000 21:46 charles f. lynch   Hollywood, Maryland Just checking out the page.  Spent a cupple days there on wrestling tournament in 66
1/8/2000 2:26 Lloyd Chapman   Albuquerque, NM Had to resign the guest book...first time didnt take. I went to Dreux 62-63.  After reading all the entries in the guest book sure did bring back alot of memories.  I'll be at the 2000 reunion.
12/26/1999 21:24 Chuck Starner   Baltimore, Maryland I was a student from 1962 to 1964. Played football & lived in dorm 1. Does anyone remember me? Look forward to hearing from you.
12/21/1999 14:57 tom english   Crockett, texas usa I'm wondering if you can help me. My Uncle's B-17 was shot down 12-20-42 somewhere between Evreux and Dreux. It Belly landed and exploded sometime later. My Uncle was killed and 2 others died later. I don't speak French which is a real problem. I was hoping some of the French old timers might remember. I'm trying to find out exactly where it came down.Thank You. This was probably the 11th or 12th American bomber shot down in the war.
12/17/1999 20:21 C. Lee Gehrmann   Everywhere, currently Delaware Attended from January 1961 to graduation in June 1962.  Looking forward to seeing everybody in Las Vagas.
12/16/1999 1:08 Thomas M. Burg   Orcas Island Washington Well I know the Class of '65 was the best and so was the football team that year, etc.!! We have a local small High School and they are also the Vikings!! I graduated from Texas A&M University in 1969, another great year!! Hope to see most of the classes in Las Vegas!!
12/15/1999 7:11 Jinx (Norma) Jones Jones WOW!  This is just too cool to find this site!  Was at Dreux school year 1960-1961 as (gulp) freshman, graduating class of 1964.  Dad stationed at Evreux.  Lived in Park Lafayette (I think it was called that?) just down the road a bit from Sally Downing, "T" Watkins, Bob Blume, Chantal Del Rocco, Betty Benbrook, et al. Have fond memories of crazy times in the dorm and less fond memories of food in the mess hall!
12/12/1999 15:24 CARMEN AHORRIO THOMPSON   Hampton,Va HI!! It's ME, Carmen "little Pineapple"  Class of 63.  Famous for the pantie raid of 63.  It was Great, Made it back to the dorm just in time for bed check.  They found us out anyway.  But it was well worth it.  Let's do it again at the reunion in 2000.  Who wants to sign up now!!! I love you guys.
12/12/1999 15:07 Carmen Ahorrio Thompson   For today, Hampton,Va. Bonjour you all, God it;s great to know  you guys are out there and we just may get to be together again at the re-union 2000.  Lots to catch up on.  Those good ole dorm life days, the panties raids, the make-out sofa!!! I went on to become an R.N. and went to Viet Nam.  Married, had three great kids.  Husband died and there I was at 31 with three wee ones.  Worked at the Air-Force Academy Hospital.  Re-married military then spent 16 years in Europe..  WE now live in Hampton,Va.  Would love to hear from my Dreux Friends and talk about the days of hiding under someone else beds during "lights out"  and watching Ms. Burke legs as she come into room to check, never knowing there was about 8 girls Under one bed!!!. KEEP TWISTING THE NIGHT AWAY
11/21/1999 16:33 Anne Childs - Smith   Gainesville, GA Was at Dreux from '60-'63. Was at the Jr. Prom on the Eiffel Tower with Jerry Brown.  We haven't seen each other in 35 yrs but are now in e-mail contact thanks to the "net."  Hear from Ursula Sedell every Christmas. I am alive and well and living Northeast of Atlanta. But spent the last 30 years in a suburb of Philadelphia. Would love to find Judi Wolf.
10/26/1999 20:41 Theodore A. Cox   Rockbridge, Ohio Looking for Howard Smith and Steve Drake.
10/21/1999 15:44 Theodore A. Cox   15938 Toad Run Rd, Rockbridge, OH 43149 Looking forward to this.
10/3/1999 1:39 Tom Kolakowski   Orlando, Fl I hope to see more of my fellow classmates (class of '68)at  the Y2K reunion as I was the only one representative of our class at the Dallas reunion.  I had a blast tho!  I lived at Evereux and bussed each week to Dreux (Those were memorable trips!).
10/1/1999 14:20 Melvin Woodard   Atlanta, Georgia I was only in kindergarten in 1964-and 65 when my dad was stationed at dreux.... was wondering if anyone had any pictures of the place...<br>would appreciate anything!!!  Thanks
9/30/1999 2:06 Joan Rushing Bostick   Middle Tennessee I attended Druex from 1962--1965.  My sister also attended her name is Jane Rushing Schuling. She now lives in Texas.
9/26/1999 17:52 Bill Isbell   Tampa, Florida Attended Druex 65-66.Lived in Fountainebleau
9/25/1999 23:36 Richard Lancaster   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Looking forward to Las Vegas in 2000.
9/24/1999 13:53 Steve Felice   South Pasadena, California Still looking for the rest of those who attended Dreux from Norway during '61-'64.  Lahusen & I were at Dallas, first time we saw each other in 31 years, what a trip. He hadn't changed.  Where are the rest of you?  Meet you in 'Vegas.
9/24/1999 4:04 Debbie Mayfield Harbison Mayfield Charlotte, NC I attended Laon HS from 1960-1964.
9/24/1999 3:45 Thomas M. Burg   Orcas Island - Washington State - Northern Puget Sound Howdy Ya'll! Should have stopped by before this but have been busy getting settled in here on the island! We will be starting a coffee roasting business "Rosario Hill Coffee Co." and will sell to the local populace, restaurants, and bed & breakfast owners as well. I hope to have a website next year so I can offer the very finest coffee roasted any where in the world to the local area and to those of you and your friends that demand only the best. Stay tuned for any updates.
9/24/1999 3:18 Chris (Kobbe) Allin Kobbe Everywhere...currently Kansas Vicki is doing a great are all the others who are keeping us connected!!!
9/23/1999 16:23 Ed Mastin   Durham, NC Following a note from Vickie, just curious whether there was anything left in the memory banks!
9/23/1999 13:30 bob purcell   san marcos, texas attended dreux from fall 64 till we closed the school in jan 67.  would have graduated in 67 but degaulle didn't allow it so went on to frankfurt.  parents were stationed in fountainebleau with afcent.  can't wait till the reunion!
9/7/1999 16:04 Tom Laseter   Irving, Texas A friend of mine, suggested I drop in on this site, to look for students who may have attended LAON AFB Dependent School, as well.Although, I have only found two people who claim to be from Laon, I'm sure there may be more out here, if so please email, of your whereabouts. I have listings of about two hundred students, from Laon, as well as teachers, someone may be looking for you.
9/6/1999 23:40 Tim Barrett   Camarillo, CA Lived at Evreux from 60-63.  Went to DreuxHS 62-63 as a freshmen.  Would love to hear from anyone who knew me or one of my siblings.  Lived in Lafayette Village at the top. I visited the old place in 75. What a scream. It was all still there. Where's John Webb, the Jay brothers, the Sabols, Jamie Jarman, Mark Savala(?),Gary Hewitt, the Dockstaders?  You girls too? Carol Sapp, Susie? John and Ellen Brown?  Skidder Wheaton, I took your bike!!!  I wish my memory had more names like Henry Miles, Jesse Stevens???<!-->
8/26/1999 3:11 Darrell W. McCollum   Phoenix, Arizona Hello, I went to Dreux from 1963 to 1966. My Dad was stationed as Evreux. I'm looking for Jerry Ricci.
8/24/1999 20:03 Nancy Bunker Bowen Bunker Athens, GA Hi, guys!  I was a freshman in school year 1963-64, lived in Dorm 4 with Pam Hopkins (our dads were stationed at Evreux AFB).  At the end of the year, we were transferred to Chateauroux..same old, same old.  Whatever happened to Colleen MacTaggart, Ron Wood, Leslie Aderhold?  Oh, and Marcus Cox and Dave Emanuel, wherever you are, I had such big crushes on you!  Odd to think I now own shoes that are probably older than I was at Dreux!
8/19/1999 7:19 Randy Clarke   Covington<Ga Started Dreux in military brats 1964/1965 played football,band,lived off base.
6/23/1999 19:36 Pete Controvich   Roanoke, VA I went to Dreux 1960-61. Had to leave school early because Dad was transferred, so I never got my annual. Can anyone photocopy the '61 annual? I'd be happy to pay for the costs involved.
6/16/1999 22:07 Diane   Dallas, TX Hi, I am trying to find a Dreux alumni, Tyan Licht.  She attended Dreux at least the school year, 1961-1962 (that would have been freshman year) since I have seen her picture in the yearbook for 61-62.  I have e-mailed several Dreux alumni and never received a response. Can anyone help?
4/28/1999 23:12 Margot Holcombe Holman Holcombe Fallbrook, California I just found Babs and I know where Suzi Rezner Thomsic, Ann Wilbur Kuhn and Richie Holcombe Rider are, but where in the world are the rest of you?  We have nearly 40 years to catch up on!
4/26/1999 23:20 Wendy Gillis Simpson Gillis Margate, Florida It's terrific to know people are keeping in touch after all these years.  I didn't know about the reunions.  I went to Dreux from Laon in 1966.  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me!!! Keep on with all the good work keeping everyone together!
4/25/1999 21:34 Robert Alan Horn (Now Deceased)   Yorba Linda, CA. Class of 1965 Dreux American High School. Roomate of JamesAlbert Hooper IV. Thanks to all who make this webb sitepossible. Please feel free to call home phone (714) 993-0545 of page anytime at (714) 207-4711
4/23/1999 23:52 Dave Gardi   Croughton, England Greetings from England, Warmest regards from Coach Gardi.  Still wearing my 'Converse All Stars' at Croughton, England.  I'm still teaching and living!!!!!
4/12/1999 17:53 Mary Ann (Colaluca) Routh   Greenville, South Carolina Hi Vikings!  I went to Dreux High in my 9th and 10th grades....1961/62 and 62/63.  Then we transferred to Paris American High for my junior year.  I hung around with Gretchen Edwards, Gwen Fletcher, Janice Bass,,  we had so much fun.  I didn't live in the dorms, but I sure spent a lot of time there.  What a blast!  I'd love to hear from you!  I live in South Carolina now, own and operate a small staffing company.  Married, two grown sons.  Take care!  Mary Ann Colaluca  ( better known then as "MAC")  Routh
4/1/1999 22:37 Susie (Graff) Marr   Austin, Texas Bonjour! I'm so glad to see this project underway. Thanks to all who have participated. I graduated from Dreux in 62, attended a number of colleges including the University of Maryland and The University of Texas. After marrying and spending 10 years with my husband in the Air Force, we moved to Illinois and I graduated from the University of Iowa. I am now divorced and live in Austin, Texas. Hope to hear from some of you. Does anyone know where my roommate, Faye Wolfe is? My brother, Buddy attended Dreux but graduated from Frankfurt in 65. I'm sorry to report he died last year in February.
3/24/1999 22:19 John MacKinnon   Londonderry NH I was there the last year, and my first year of high school. Seems like a lifetime ago! 1965-66.
3/7/1999 19:39 Karen D. Nelson   texas I didn't graduate from Dreaux HS.  I was one of the first 5 students of what was then a "one room school" in 1955, in 5th grade. (Actually, the 5th grade that year started with only three of us.) Our small circle of chosen students became the crowd to belong to and we could let others in or not.  When we moved to Dreaux there were only three or four other families with children.  And, yes, we lived in some fantastic off-base housing.  The experience was a great way to grow up.The first group of us included Kay Pritchard, Karen Pritchard, Joe Reynolds (who happened to be the first kid on site), Mike Bates, and Paul Hoffman.
3/1/1999 6:23 Geary S. Hurst   Ocean Springs, MS I was only an elementary school student at Dreux from 62-64 but would like to see what has happened to the place since.  Lived in Chateauneuf.
2/15/1999 1:29 Johanna   Charleston SC I'm hoping to find your younger brothers/sisters who would have attended St-Michel Elementary School at Evreux-Fauville between 1962 and 1965. If you are looking for information on a reunion at Evreux-Fauville (June 1999) check out the 317th CAMS site.
2/4/1999 23:59 Lani Pew Tower Pew Columbus OH My second sign in, realizing I didn't add much of the useful information.  I graduated from Dreux Amer HS in 1962.  I surfed the guestbook and found only a couple of names I recognized.  I live in the midwest now( OHIO)--although we've moved a lot in  32 years of marriage!  My husband has his own consulting business that I help with occasionally and we have two grown kids.  Would love to hear about some of my old friends from the old days!
2/4/1999 23:37 Lani Pew Tower Pew Columbus OH Heard about this from Vicki Key found her through USAA article about Overseas Brats.
2/4/1999 21:13 larry caldwell   springtown,tx hello to all , I attended dreux '63,'64, and '65 .  where are all my soccer buddies from the com-z champion dreux vikings. never forget the paris game. not much time now, have to go , will get back to you with more details
1/29/1999 19:12 Dewey D. Patton 611 E. Jefferson Pike, Murfreesboro, Tn 37130 Vicki - great to see you have a sight for Dreux.  I was a lil' junior brat there in the 50's (56-59) and have many fond memories of the air base and life on the French economy. Dad flew C-119's there.  From 62-66 we were stationed in Germany.  I am now a retired Army LTC and working for the Tenn. Dept. of Transportation.  My two older brothers are Phillip and Gary, both Franfurt High alumni.  I graduated from Homestead, Fla.  Would enjoy some pictures on the sight, especially the base.  Good luck and God bless, Dewey.
1/19/1999 10:48 Margaret (Nan) Brion-Gingery Brion Pennsylvania & Heidelberg, Germany I was in the class of '65, but left in January '65, so did not graduate at Dreux.  Would love to know of people I knew during that fun time I was there ('63 - '65).
1/18/1999 18:45 Vicki Nunenkamp Morgan Nunenkamp Roseburg, Oregon Freshman class 1960-61.  Would love to hear from folks who joined us in starting Dreux.
1/12/1999 3:16 Nonna Mann Carlson Mann San Antonio, TX I don't know where I've been, but I just learned about the Alumni Association.  I transferred to Dreux in October of my senior year, graduating from there is 1964.  I have many fond memories of my short time there, especially the slave auction and the prom at the George V.
1/4/1999 17:42 John Dooley   Memphis TN Bon Jour, I was there in 64, looking for Jeri Remy and Suzy Logan.
12/8/1998 2:57 Debi Hayes   Ventura, Ca I was born at the AFB in Dreux in 1959.  I am eager to get some information about the area...If anyone was there at the time, please let me hear from is very important to me,  Thank you.
11/4/1998 22:45 Sheila (Vengelen) Marshall Vengelen North Potomac, Maryland I'm a 1966 graduate of DAHS.  Only went there my senior year so don't really know a lot of you but would love to hear from some other  '66 alumni.
10/30/1998 16:26 Linda Odell (Scupp) Odell Everett, WA What a surprise to find the web site.  I was just talking to a friend who went to Rochefort.  I would love to hear about any reunions. I went to DAHS 1961 as a Freshman, then on to Eglin in Florida and finally graduated from the Air Force Academy HS in Colorado.  Lived on base and have great memories of all the fun -- teen club trips to Paris, dances, etc.  Anyone remember Mr. Horak [sp?]or Danny Rae O'Neil?  We lived on the economy in Dreaux before moving onto the base into one of those "wonderful" trailers!
10/30/1998 6:16 Mike Gentry   Port Angeles, Washington I would like to contact classmates including Drake Slay, Denny or Doug Powell, Cathi Miller, Mary Shehan, Lawrence sisters or whoever. I slowed down long enough to open the old Viking yearbook and realized I should have kept in touch.
10/8/1998 17:15 teresa french Fontenot Millington, TN I 'm an Air Force brat. I attended Dreux American High School during my Junior year 1965/66 from Laon Air Force Base, France.  I graduated from RAF Upper Heyford HS, UK. I then married and moved to Washington, DC.  I later divorced and am now remarried.  I work for the Dept of the Navy in Millington, TN.
10/2/1998 22:21 Rebecca  Huddleston Pelletier Huddleston Ole Virginny Bonjour!! I graduated class of '63 Dreux AHS.  Sent letter to Willie asking for info on trip to France.  Sure hope it works out.  Does anyone know anything??  I was a cheerleader in '62. My sister Mary Lou Huddleston graduated '62 and my sister Frances was a sophomore/junior at Dreux.  Hey Lois Barnes...if your out there write to me.  What about the trip to "Vegas"???  I know I'm late with my dues this time but I'll pay-up. What about Nancy Kight, Carol Durham?? I'd love to hear from all.  Bye Y'all.
9/30/1998 18:23 MICHEL PICHELOUP DIXON, CALIFORNIA Bonjour mes amis!  Hope to see all of you at the next class reunion.  I have no email so if you would like to call here is my # (707)693-1159.  Looking for the class of 66!
9/30/1998 4:03 Gerald Fisher   West Bloomfield, Mi USA Hello everyone, I didn't attend Dreux..  I was in the US Army stationed at Ingrandes near Chatellerault, 1961-1963.  I loved France but have never had the opportunity to return there and have lost all contacts with the people I knew there..  I was just surfing and ran across this page so I couldn't resist saying "hey" to everyone..Regards, Jerry
9/28/1998 21:55 ANN (PICHELOUP)RAY Picheloup THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA I was born and raised in Fountainebleau.  1970 Graduate.If anyone out there went to Fountainebleau Junior High from 1964-1966 and to Paris American High School from 1966-1967 when we had to leave for one reason or another.  Please send a message.  I would be very surprised to hear from someone out there.
9/8/1998 18:34 Richard Napier (68)   Centreville, Virginia I was on of the few students that lived on base. (huge trailor) I attended half of the 8th grade ('64) and all my Freshman year ('65) at Dreux. I would like to find anyone who lived on post as well as other classmates and members of the cross-country or track team.I graduated in '68 at Ludwigsburg High School in Germany.Hope to make it in Y2K.
8/12/1998 22:34 Victor Kelly   University City, Missouri For every alumni that has not yet attended a reunion, you don't know the enjoyment of reunited old friends. Fun has been had by all and we are planning another great party for the the year 2000. Please try to attend  or at least get in touch with Vicki Key so she can pass your name and stats along. Or you can get in touch with me and I will pass the information along. Enjoy the rest of the summer.
8/12/1998 21:46 Tom Seales  (63)   Birmingham, AL Retired Army, living gust south of Birmingham.  Has anyone heard from Barry Baker or Mike Sedlak??
4/22/1998 20:39 Pat Riley Blackwell Went to school in laRochelle and Rochefort and currently live in East Tennessee Bonjour,It's always good to be in touch with someone else who enjoyed/endured high school in La Belle France!  Good luck with your Alumni Assn.  Rochefort AHS has planned a reunion in France Sept. 25 - Oct. 3 with 1 night in Paris, 4 nights in Rochefort, and then 2 more nights back in Paris. We exepct to have a tres bon temp!A bientot,Pat
3/15/1998 5:56 Richard W. Lancaster   Oklahoma City, Ok 73107 Looking forward to Y2K reunion.  Will be there with bells on.
3/3/1998 22:46 Ron Bynum (Now Deceased)   Parker, CO Just received the latest edition of "Notre Viking".  Nice to hear about Mr. Apkarian (do I still have to call him Mr?) and Gretchen Edwards. Sorry I've procrastinated and not  responded to the Alumni summons til now.  I'll be sending in my dues so I can get a directory. I understand Bill Balliet (Class of '64 also) lives around Denver but I've checked all the likely spots (telephone directory, police blotter, etc.) without success. If anyone knows, direct him my way. See you in Vegas in 2000.
2/6/1998 13:44 John Everley   Hickory, NC I am an alumnus of Verdun but realize that some of you went to Verdun and transferred to Dreux American High School.I am looking for those of you that attended or taught at Verdun American High School.  Email me and let me know who you are.  We have already had 3 reunions and planning for the 4th to be held in year 2000.
2/2/1998 2:26 Babbs (Ross-Rettinger) Chittenden   Boerne, Texas I find it unbelievable to find a page for Dreux High School! Super!!! Was a sophomore dorm student (from Copenhagen ) during 1961-62 (The year the Berlin Wall went up-remember!) So sorry I found you all so late & missed the reunion-next time.  Anyone ever find Terry Fultz, Susie Reznor or Margot Holcombe?
1/17/1998 19:02 Randy Coleman   Ridgecrest, California Not a graduate of Dreux but from Chateauroux High School in 1960.<br>Does anyone know of a similar alumni group from Chateuroux? Would like to get in touch and rekindle old (very old) memories.
1/5/1998 5:50 Ursula Sedell - Drury Sedell St. Louis, MO Hi members of Druex HS class of 62.  Love to hear from all of you.  Anyone know how I can reach Ellen Brown?
1/1/1998 14:16 Bill Douglas   Florida Any cast members from the memorable 1963 Dreux HS production of "You Can't Take It With You"? I was Boris Kolenkov--had a blast. Now living in Florida. My sister, Diane Douglas, was there in 62-63, her senior year. My most memorable experience was getting busted for faking an invitation to visit friends in Paris. With the invitation as a cover, I spent a weekend in a cheap Paris hotel and saw the sights. Got busted on the trip back when I arrived suspiciously late. Grounded for the rest of eternity. Good times.Has anyone kept in touch with Nan Bardshar? Bye for now.Fair winds.Bill Douglas
12/20/1997 23:17 Jerry Brown   La Jolla, CA What a LONG, LONG time ago!  I was at Dreux from 60-62, its first and second year.  Quite an experience, as I recall. My dad was Major Carl H. Brown, my mom was Mary Z. Brown, both of whom have passed away.  My brother is James R. Brown, who now lives in Alabama with his family.  As for myself, I'm divorced and couldn't be happier about it, especially living in La Jolla.  Spent most of my career in New York and Chicago as a journalist and advertising guru. Now I design interface systems for Internet software.  But enough about me, does anyone remember the Jr Prom at the Eiffel Tower?  Or those morbid theme parties at the "teen club?" Or know anything about Greg Palmer, Anne Childs or Barbara Council?  If you do, please let me know.  I'd love to hear from absolutely anyone. Having grown up an Air Force brat, I find myself hungry for connections back to that part of my life.
12/7/1997 9:43 Phyllis Hardy   California My father was stationed at Dreux AFB in 1961-1963 when I was in 1st & 2nd grade. I think my teacher was Mrs. Gangone. We lived in Chateuneuf. From there dad was reassigned to Camp Delauge near Paris where I went to Garche Elementary for 3rd & 4th.
11/13/1997 4:28 Glen Johnson   Fort Worth, Texas <!-->Thanks to Ms. Key for putting this homepage together.<br>Have enjoyed the reunions in Vegas and Dallas, and would<br>like to hear from any old friends who have not made contact, yet.<br>I am a trial attorney and now fly World War II seaplanes and other<br>aircraft as a hobby, with my wife, Linda, who is also a pilot.<br>We have a Summer place in Maine, too, so would like to see<br>any of you in either the Northeast or the Southwest.
9/24/1997 5:24 Charles Winter (Now Deceased)   Laurel, MD Mo Smith let me know where this home page was. The Dallas Reunion was a blast. I'm already looking forward to the year 2000. I wonder whatever happened to Forrest Wolf??? His mother was Mrs. Horne, and she was a sweetheart. He also had a sister named Lydia.And I wonder whatever happened to Karen Russell. She, like me, was one of the Jordan folks.
9/22/1997 13:49 Charlie Bowden   Lyme, NH jumped here from Jan Rupe's homepage; class of 66; fontainebleu. after 23+ years in the air force have retired and now working for a living.
8/14/1997 20:13 Ken Shellberg   Columbus, Ohio I was a sophomore at Dreux during 1963-64.  It would be great to hear from anyone who was there at the same time. And where are the 'guys and dolls' from Karamursel AFS, Turkey?
7/2/1997 17:46 Jan Rupe Batik Rupe Dallas was Wonderful.  Reunion 2000 will be the best way I can think of to celebrate the Millenium--with the greatest people I have ever known! My love to you all, Jan Rupe Batik, '66<br>Louisville, Kentucky
6/29/1997 20:15 Mo Smith   Bedford Texas What a GREAT REUNION, Mes Amies.I thank the whole planning group and the oficers for a wonderful time and weekend. On to 2000 and maybe a few small gatherings until then.
6/18/1997 21:17 chuck shellhorn   New York Ciy See ya all in Dallas
6/13/1997 2:17 Sue Crowley   Toul American HS '65 Have a great reunion!  Ours is in July.  Too bad your football teams weren't as talented as the Warriors!(smile)
6/5/1997 3:25 Laura Hudson-Zerkle   Ramstein High School-1987/ military BRAT!!!! Looking for Ramstein Alumni
6/4/1997 4:45 John Robert Fullman   Haysville Kansas Sorry I Haven't made any of the reunions for awhile maybe soon i can get free. Have fun guys
5/30/1997 22:41 ED MASTIN   Vicky just want to know if you will have a comm link for the reunion and/or if you want any pics?  looks like we will not be able to be with you.
5/30/1997 19:04 Randy Knapp   Bellevue,WA My Email address is<br>My part time business number is the best place to leave a phone message (425) 255-2486
5/30/1997 16:18 Randy Knapp   Bellevue,WA I am alive and well in the great Pacific NWand just got internet access.  I will be at the reunion!  Kimberly June, I have wanted to apologize for my not so good guy ways for about thirty years...please forgive me and do get in touch.  Looking forward to hearing from Paul Krausman and renewing contact with Lorraine(sorry for being a inconsistant correspondent).  Where are you Greg DeHart?  My mailing address is 1745 140th Lane SE, Bellevue,WA 98007.
5/24/1997 3:54 Richard Lancaster   Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107 See you at the reunion! Just bought a new "older" home.  Address is:2760 N.W. 17th Oklahoma City, OK 73107 No telephone yet, still having house remodeled.  Will move in Mid-June.
5/17/1997 3:06 Tom Gordon   Goonellabah, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA Hello fellow aging Vikings, Cannot make it to this years reunion,  but will look forward to the next one and plan accordingly.  Great to have the e-mail addresses of the Dreux alumni.  Will try to make contact with some of the familar names from Dreux A.H.S. Would love to hear from any of my fellow classmates.Kindest Regards  Tom Gordon
4/24/1997 1:38 Bill Willis   Woodbridge VA Sorry I won't be able to make the reunion.  Hello to all. Bill Willis. '63
4/24/1997 1:37 Bill Willis   Woodbridge VA Sorry I won't be able to make the reunion.  Hello to all.Bill Willis. '63