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Dues to the Dreux Alumni Association are $40 per year and are based on a calendar year.

As a dues paying member, you will receive a copy of the DAHS Alumni Directory (via email unless otherwise requested) and, more importantly, you will be supporting our efforts to keep everyone connected, keep this website active, find "lost alumni", maintain the alumni database, send out newsletters and plan reunions.  It is through your generous support that we are able to keep your Alumni Association alive and active!  We thank you!

To pay Dues by Credit Card -
Please select your payment option (number of years) using the drop down menu below
2.  Select your Class Year (i.e. what year you graduated even if you did not graduate from Dreux)
3.  Provide your Maiden name, if applicable
4.  If you were Faculty/Staff, please select that option under "Class Year" 
5.  Then click on the "Pay Now" button. You will be taken to the Paypal secure web site to complete the transaction

Class Year
Maiden Name, If Applicable:
Current Telephone #

To make a Donation:

We have many alumni who would like to make a donation in addition to paying dues or would just like to make a donation to support our efforts in lieu of paying dues.  If you would like to make a donation, click on the "Donate" button below.  You can enter in the amount you would like to give. (Since we are considered a social organization, donations cannot be taken as a deduction on your IRS taxes)


To pay
Dues by Check:  
Please mail your check to our Treasurer, Jim Adams.  See below for his address.  (If you are a first time dues payer or if your address has changed fairly recently, please print off and fill out the Dues Form and mail it in with your check):  

Marilyn Hutto Turner 
DAHS Alumni Assn.
9831 Marine View Dr.
Mukilteo, WA 98275
Email: marlouturner@msn.com 

The printed Alumni Directory is maintained and published by Vicki Key and will be sent out via email in a .pdf format which can be printed out at your leisure.  


A big THANK YOU to the following alums, faculty/staff for their support of the Alumni Association as 2019 Dues Paying Members:
(as of 4/20/2019)

Adams, Jim '66
Andrew Lidinsky, Renee '69
Ashman-Young, Connie ''63
Bailey Berman, Anne '66
Bango Souci, Mary Ann '68
Barrett, Patrick '65
Bartos-Pool, Gayle '65
Bedford Gillas, Jeannie '64
Bonner, Bill '62
Brantley, Charles '68
Brewer Taylor, Willy '65
Brunelle Hudson, Betty Jean '63
Burg, Tom '65
Childs Smith, Anne '64
Christensen Bloyer, Janeen '66
Cocaluca Routh, MaryAnn '65
Cone, Steve '67
Connor Nagel, Cassie '67
Cook, Carol '61
Cox, Marcus '64
Council Goergen, Barbara '63
Council Miles, Helen '61
Donnell, Doug '68
Downing Thomas, Sally '64
Dyer Riley, Kathy '64
Eade, Roger '66
Findley Hunter, Jayne '65
Furnas, Bill '63
Gabler, Phil '64
Givens, Gary '67
Grabowski, Bill '64
Gradwell Welty, Darla '65
Green, Cynthia '64
Hall, Doug '66
Heath, Wilber '63
Hersey, Linda '63
Hill Beauclair, Debbie '68
Hutto Krausman, Carol '64
Hutto Turner, Marilyn '62
Johnson, Glen '65
Krausman, Paul '64
Labbe, Greg '66
LaGrone, Larry '67
Lance Brockwell, Beth '64
LeRoy Vasta, Dianna '68
Lopez (Marroquin), Gil '62
MacKinnon, John '69
Mann Carlson, Nonna '64
Mattison, Daniel '65
McKenty, Bruce "Chic" '66
McPhee, Doug '66
Mellinger Caddell, Linda '65
Miles, Henry '65
Miller Smuskiewicz, Sue '66
Murphy Koziol, Shari '64
Norris Rhodes, Jeri '69
Patrick Edgar, Betsy '67
Patrick Ogger, Jane '66
Pond Butler, Susan '63
Pond Kudlow, Judy (Evreux)
Pugh Grant, Joanna '64
Purcell, Bob '67
Roots,John '62
Rupe Batik, Jan '66
Shellhorn, Charles '63
Smith, Maurice "Mo" '61
Smith, Michael '66
Stoeck, Paul '63
Thompson, David '65
Thompson, James '64
Travis Karp, Elodie '64
Treichak Simmons, Sue '66
Tune, Jerry '63
Viets, Michael '64
Zahn, George '62

We Would Love To Add Your Name To This List!!