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Military Brats Online

Alumni Websites and other fun things:

Notre Viking Newsletter (old)

Dreux Movie taken by Dan Boyd '65
 (this taken during the 64/65 school year...shows lots of teachers too)

Letter from George Aune

Betty Hall Harper

Gayle Bartos-Pool

Jerry Brown

Dan Boyd

Jay Pare

Jon Barlow Hudson

Susan Hoskins White

Allen Cheuvront

Mike Stover (He was sailing around the world..this is his travel journal)

Maureen Azouz Sevilla

David Hewitt

Power Point by Larry LaGrone '67 of Dreux taken in 2004

Lee "Sandy" Marrs

Patricia Swindell Duval

James D. Tabor

James "Jay" Hooper

Sandy Watts Mercer

35MM film of Cheerleaders at Dreux football game (fall of 1966)

Allen Dale Olson - Faculty/Staff

Casey Davis

Ricki Kilanski Ramstetter

Other Sites to visit:

"Brats: Our Journey Home"  - The first documentary about life as a Military Brat. A Donna Musil film, featuring narration and music by Kris Kristofferson.  DVD available for purchase on this website.

Overseas Brats

Verdun American High School Alumni

Paris American High School

Orleans American High School Alumni  

Orleans American High School Alumni (an alternate site)

Chateauroux American High School Alumni

Poitiers American High School

Laon High School/AFB

Frankfurt American High School Alumni

Madrid/Torrejon High School Alumni

Ankara American - George C Marshall HS Alumni

University of Maryland at Munich

Evreux-Fauville Air Base Alumni

317th Veterans Group (includes Evreux AFB)

Dreux Air Base, France (hosted by veterans who were stationed at Dreux)


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