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Article dated October 10, 1967 about Chuck Kaufmann's murder:

Calif. Police Hunt 3 Killer-Rapists

SANTA ROSA , Calif. (AP) Police are sorting out meager clues in a hunt for three killer rapists who shot to death the son of a U.S. government official and repeatedly assaulted his companion.

Slain by three bullets in the back early Saturday on a hillside lovers' lane was Charles

Louis Kaufmann Jr., 19, a freshman at Santa Rosa Junior College, who arrived only three months ago.  

He was the son of Charles L. Kaufmann, an officer of the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID) now stationed in Washington. Kaufmann was on the college football team. While in Spain with his family he was a wrestler at Torrejon Air Base, Spain.

Police said young Kaufmann first met his 18-year-old companion Friday night at a party. Her name was withheld. Santa Rosa Police Chief Melvin F. Flohr said the girl was separated from her husband and was childless.

He said the two drove to a secluded area near the center of this Northern California city  of 46,000, and had been parked for a little over an hour. The girl later told authorities a car drove up behind theirs and stopped. Two men approached the car, one from each side, and one of them, brandishing a pistol, ordered the couple from the car.

Before they could move, she said, one of the men pulled her sweater over her head, dragged her from the car and forced her into the rear seat of their own car. She said she then heard scuffling, apparently Kaufmann struggling with the hoodlums. The girl said the three assailants then drove to a second secluded spot about eight miles away. She said the car was parked in a culvert just off the road. She said she was dragged about 30 feet up the hill and raped six times.


From the European Stars and Stripes

October 10, 1967


Note:  The guys that did this were caught.  Chuck's sister still goes to each parole hearing to make sure they stay in prison.