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Daniel W. Hickey, IV '68


Flagstaff Man Found Dead at Ashurst Lake

 A 27-year-old Flagstaff man was found dead from asphyxiation Thursday night near Ashurst Lake . Detective Lt. Tom Brawley of the sheriff's office said today that his investigation has determined the death to have been self-inflicted.

Apparently Daniel W. Hickey, IV, 409 E. Mohawk St. , had connected a rubber hose to his car's exhaust system and run the hose into the vehicle's trunk, authorities said. Hickey had been missing since Monday, according to authorities. His wife had reported him gone Tuesday, Flagstaff police said. Police Detectives Byron Allen and Pat Tarr investigated Hickey's disappearance and suspected that be might have taken his own life.  

Flagstaff police discovered Hickey in his car Thursday night and called Detective Lt. Brawley for an identification. Authorities revealed that Hickey had left a note before his departure saying that he "was going to take care of everything." Another note was found with his body Thursday night.

 From The Arizona Daily Sun, Flagstaff , AZ dated August 12, 1977