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A Remembrance: Lawrence Paul Logan 1947-2010 ('65)
    by Larry Noble

 The Club will see one less happy face around the tracks this season. Larry Logan—driver, course worker, Rod Knock co-editor, lawyer, camper, Dad, Friend, and all-round good guy will be a missing piece of the racing scene puzzle. Larry left the paddock for the last time on Saturday, December 11, 2010.  

Larry’s racing addiction began to take shape at Rockford Speedway many years ago, delighting in staggered wheel warfare in Chevelles, Vegas, and the like in roundy-round racing. His dream was a Formula Car though, and he had a plan to get there. He encountered fellow addicts in Midwestern Council and formed a bond with the vintage-historic community. Larry wound up buying Scott Durbin’s red MG Midget to feed his on-track needs. After a few painfully underpowered seasons (he said he could read Grassroots Motorsports from cover to cover from Turn 14 to Turn 1 at Road America), he decided to fulfill his dream and buy Jack Bartelt’s green Tiga. The white-striped car was well sorted and familiar to our Clubs since Jack had been campaigning it as a rent-a-racer in Club Ford for years. There were happy seasons, but little nagging health issues prevented him from climbing into his cockpit anymore.  

OK, time to make lemonade! He assumed the roles of “Team Owner” and “Strategist” and asked me to wrench and drive the car. Then he became my cheerleader and coach. The photos of the “two Larry’s” with my family show a lot of grinning. I was his “other brother Larry”/ A season later he sold the Tiga to Scott Durbin (these guys swapped cars like baseball cards!) and Durbin went on to show how mediocre both Larry’s were when piloting the car. Darn it. In typical Logan racing exuberance, he then became Scott’s greatest cheerleader, delighting in every record-setting win!  

Along the way he wrote for Council’s and NSSCC’s Rod Knock newsletter—technical pieces under the “LUGNUTS” banner and caricature, and summarized NSSCC winners with this “Pole Position” column featuring a formula car logo. Larry also was an avid river kayaker and an accomplished wood carver, patiently whittling and painting fascinating Cracker Barrel-like folk art people. His kids and grandchildren where the loves of his life, but he had a lot of passions to give life meaning. He was a guy with a lot of heart, but at the end of this last decade of living to the fullest, it simply gave out on him.

From The Rod Knock Newsletter of the North Suburban Sports Car Club March 2011